Day 31, 32, 33 & 34 #100HD’S


18 May 14

Hanging out in the sun with a good book and enjoying a green smoothie from Wholefoods.  Definitely needed after a week of naughty boozing and binging on unhealthy snacks. As you probably know I am a huge fan of juicing and have only ever really tried banana smoothies. Green Smoothies are most definitely the rage at the moment and most you will find include anything from kale, spinach, avocado, pineapple and apple. Much to my delight I even managed to find some freshly made sushi and with the brown rice option – honestly made my day! #itsthesmallthings




19 May 14

Okay so yes you can judge – it has only taken me how many years to get on the Game of Throne band wagon, I know, I know but better late than never as they say….. The last few nights I have spent the night at home having quality flat-rate time and actually relaxing which seems to be very a rare occurence over the past few months.  I am not much of a ‘TV’ person but when im recommended a good box set I do generally find some downtime to get sucked into it and before you know, bam, im hooked (which in this case has pretty much happened).  Pretty excited about the fact that I am nearly ready to watch series 2. Will keep you posted…..




20 May 14

Trying out another new juice from one of my favourite places to shop – Selfridges.  With my office only being five minutes away by foot on Baker Street, I am pretty fortunate to also have a number of amazing cafes, restaurants and food halls within arms reach. You may have seen the TV show – Mr Selfridge with my boy Jeremy Piven (I wish!) but if you haven’t had the chance to experience the iconic building, where have you been?! The food hall is my absolute foodies’ dream but not so great on the bank account – you guessed it… it’s not cheap but worth it for the occasional treat. Ranging from delicious cupcakes, condiments, spices, organic soup, vegetables and the most amazing chocolate in the world, its like being a kid in a big candy store – dangerous!!!

The below juice was actually one of the nicest ive tried in a packaged bottle. Very distinctive beetroot taste and super filling.






21 May 14

Much to my excitement, sitting in my pigeon hole at work was the latest spring editions from Squaremeal. Very informative magazines for a blogger like myself who is always looking out for new and exciting places to dine and any work events that I may have to help organise.  Squaremeal is London & the UK’s Independent Guide to the Best Restaurants, Bars and Venues.  They also run a number of special offers with restaurants so if you are ever looking at getting out and about more and are on a tight budget then this could be an option for you.  I always use them to review all the restaurants that I visit and I will let you in a little secret – you can be rewarded for this by simply registering on their website and making all your bookings under them.  Once you start collecting points and you have enough, you are rewarded with some pretty decent prizes. Go on, get amongst it – just do it! Click here








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