Cyder Cocktail tasting @ Barts.. The secrets out!



Who doesn’t love a speakeasy bar? London is loaded with dozens but locating some of them can be a strenuous task at hand (for the not so obvious reasons). However don’t despair, I may be able to help out by introducing you to one of the quirkiest ‘hidden away’ bars around town. Trust me its a goody.



If you haven’t come across Barts before then I wouldn’t be surprised in the slightest… imagine 1920’s, Chicago gangsters, random bits and bobs hanging from the walls, some soothing jazz tunes and an immense cocktail list to make any party goer go weak at the knees. 


You may or may not have heard of some other hips night spots around town such as Mr Fogg’s, Bunga Bunga, Maggie’s etc etc well these guys fall under the same umbrella and boy do they know how to create some very eccentric drinking holes.


After being invited to come along to review a couple of their new cocktails I was over the moon to say the least 🙂 




I remember the very first time tried to hunt this place down on Halloween back in 2013. After being told it was located at the Chelsea Cloisters Hotel, I made my way inside the entrance and I must of looked like a right twat running around tying to work out where on earth it was. You see, there isn’t much signing at all… which to be honest is the beauty of place like this – no one knows about it. Not even half the residents of the building know a damn thing, which is just hilarious if you ask me.



So once you finally manage to find the ‘ secret door’ you are directly hit with another ‘door’ with its on bell. Without warning some peering eyes will glance at you as if this is the standard thing to do and then you maybe asked all sorts of questions. My tip is to act as cool as a cucumber, step inside and let the fun begin.



I was greeted by a friendly chap Vincenzo, who is also the manager and has been for about 3 years. He tells me that working here is never a dull moment.  I probably did forgot to mention but the cocktails here are unbelievable.  The bar tenders know their stuff and even if there is something not on the menu that you like (almost impossible BTW), im pretty sure they would be able to cater for whatever it is that you desire. 



The nights tasting were all about cyder or cider. You get the drift. 



Bought to the table on a long wooden board was the Cy-der Cucumber cocktail. Filled in a fancy champagne glass with ingredients such as vodka, elderflower cordial and most importantly, Apsall Cuvee Chevallier double fermented cyder.



Such a desirable fruity taste was accompanied by an array of lettuce, cucumber, strawberry, seasoned with Aspall Cuvee Chevallier and a dash of salt. So next time you go out complaining that you are feeling hungry then perhaps it would be a great idea to order one of these showstoppers. Never again will you have to think about ordering any snacks, its all taken care of plus you’re getting your one in a five a day. Win. 





I did happen to order some of their sushi and pulled pork buns in between all of this, more out of curiosity and because, well, I can.


The next cocktail came out which is named as the Classic Countryside Crunch.


Now this one was a gem of creation. Filled in a miniature sized glass ‘water’ bottle you had your Aspall Premier Cru Suffolk Cyder, Tanqueray No 10 Gin, Celery, Apple and Fennel which was served alongside a dipping jar with celery sticks and a capsicum rainbow salad. Such a genius way of incorporating a snack (healthy might I add) with an equally delightful drink to wash it down with. I cant believe no one has thought of this before! 

This is very summery cocktail and a definite winner for me. 




Barts, you’ve pulled out all the stops here. Mightily impressed with the hospitality, cheekiness and mysteriousness that this place has to offer. A real hoot. I will be back! 


Chelsea Cloisters, 87 Sloane Avenue, London SW3 3DW

Tel: 020 7581 3355

Open 6pm til late 

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