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Recently I was asked to take part in the Art Spas Says Relax competition, which got me thinking. What are the type of things I fancy doing when it comes to unwinding and relaxing amongst the hustle and bustle that the London lifestyle brings? 

Well here are 5 ways I believe certainly help me.



1.  Going to the cinema

I love going to watch a film and switching everything off. This includes my mobile phone that I admittedly spend far too much time on these days.  Its a great way of disconnecting from the world for a couple of hours and not having to worry about what is going on around you. Sitting back, stuffing your face with popcorn or loads of sugar and being engrossed in a good flick is just the best, isn’t it?! 





2. Weekend cheese & wine sessions

There is nothing quite like a mid afternoon session in the garden or sat in a comfy sofa chair, having a selection of gourmet cheeses, some full-bodied red wine and chit chats with your bestie. A great way to unwind with all the comforts. Oh and don’t forget to add some bitter dark chocolate and a sneaky gin to finish. That will do me nicely. 



 photo 2


3. Working out

I’ve been going to the gym for over 10 years now and never have I once felt like im sick of it or developed a ‘cant be bothered’ attitude towards it.

You’re probably thinking how on earth can this possibly be relaxing. Working out is hard going, don’t get me wrong but its the after feeling of a clear head and I tell you after a mentally draining day at work, this cannot be beaten. Lifting weights and doing cardio is part of my general regime but I also like to mix it up with a few classes in between so it doesn’t get so mundain.

Any type of exercise is good for you regardless. A healthy fit body = a healthy, stress free, relaxed state of mind. 





4. Home pampering sesh

Every woman loves to be pampered but finding the time for such a thing can almost seem impossible these days. When I have few hours spare, I love nothing more than putting on a pair of comfy PJ’s, some fluffy slippers, an organic face mask and sitting in front of the box.  I prepared a face mask today I found online using only banana, honey and some lemon juice. Below are the details. Let me warn you that its a pretty messy exercise and visually not so appealing to look at but I had a fair bit of amusement trying to mush it all over my face. The skin did feel slightly smoother and fresher but that was before I realised there were lumps of what looked like baby food all over the floor…oopps


2 bananas (ripe so you can mush them up)

Organic Honey (the more organic the better)

1 lemon squeezed (although 2 tablespoons will be enough)

Mix together and presto!


Leave on for 15 minutes 






5. Must have music –

One of my favourite ways to relax is without a doubt is listening to music. For me personally, music is something I could never go a day without listening too. EVER. I still love to whip out a cd from my larger than life collection I have from time to time otherwise Im addicted to Spotify. Yes, before you judge, I am old school like that.

Anything ranging from deep house, electro or buddha bar lounge to the beautiful sounds of classical violinist Vanessa Mae. It puts me in a zone which is hard to describe using words but anybody who is a muso will definitely get what I am trying to say here. 

Headphones in. World off.  



*This is a sponsored post. All views/content are my own* 

You too can enter this competition if winning a spa weekend sounds like your cup of tea.  Head over to their page by clicking HERE to see all terms & conditions. 



The Chelsea Chair. The Hair Experts in SW10

My local salon situated in the swanky area of Chelsea and on the Fulham Road has been the place I have been frequenting for the past year to keep my Blonde locks (and sometimes Brunette) looking their best. Opening on the 4th July in 2013 with a magnificent opening party I might add, is owned by creative director Sharon Joyce with herself and Rebecca Joyce running the business together.




Introducing the wonderful staff – 




Holly (beauty)
















The Chelsea Chair offer AVEDA products ranging from hair colour, shampoos + conditioners and beauty. Aveda, if you aren’t aware are an eco-friendly brand, also made from plants and natural extracts while keeping it as organic as possible. 


Their services include as per below:




This also includes Aveda facials, manicures, pedicures, eyebrow shaping, eyelash extensions and massages which Holly their beauty specialist will be able to assist you in any of these areas of need. 




One thing I really do love about this salon is the friendly, social and warm atmosphere it brings.  I always feel part of the family every time im there and the staff are always so accommodating.  After speaking with Becky she tells me that they are not just about the hair but about building relationships with their clients. Always willing to go the extra mile as far as flexibility is concerned and catering towards their needs where ever possible.  The small patch of businesses on Fulham Road also work together as a community and with most of the stylists working for well over 10 years in the area, you could say that their knowledge and clientele database is on the larger scale.  






As for clients, this includes a number of high-profile people and members of the Made in Chelsea Crew. 

In November 2013 they were asked to attend as guests for the British Hairdressing awards and at the end of August will participate in the upcoming Aveda fashionistas competition for next seasons colour.  Not to mention that they have been featured and reviewed in magazines such as Tatler, Glamour and Resident. 





Open 7 days a week and catering for all ages from children and up, I guarantee you are in very good hands the moment you step into their trendy premises. They also welcome walk-ins if you happen to be passing by and need that emergency blow-dry or a quick trim. 




You can find more info on their website –

Or if you’re a Tweeter – @thechelseachair 

Tel: 020 7352 8490




Stay fabulous! 🙂 


100 Happy Days #73 – 80


Day 73

Got excited when this email came through to me from Rebel Kitchen to say ive won their twitter competition! As you know I only just meet up with these ladies at Selfridges to chat about their product a few days ago and I was surprised to say the least when they told me I had won their competition considering I never really win anything! On this occasion I think my selfish side may come out to play because I already know how delicious the chocolate flavour is and I just can’t bring myself to sharing any of them right now.  Sorry 🙂




Day 74

Stuck at home and feeling under the weather so the best way to cheer my sorry self up was to make one of my favourite smoothies.

Combining banana, raspberries, blueberries, a teaspoon of chia seed, honey and a dash of skim milk (or you can use yoghurt) and pop it all in the blender and Voila – you have yourself an amazingly tasty smoothie in a matter of minutes.  Now I wont go as far as saying that I was cured but it did take my mind off the nasty wee headache I had that just decided to not sod off and leave me in peace. 

Photo Collage Maker_c0CPqk


Day 75

Fabulous way to break up the week and spend some time at the spectacular Berkeley hotel. If you haven’t read my latest post on Koffman’s and you love a bit of traditional homely cooked French cuisine then this is a must to read! Thanks again to the wonderful ladies whose company and hospitality was first class as always. 


Koffmans night 4

Day 76

What a gorgeous day the weather put on show for us. Portman Square on Baker Street are currently running ‘Summer in the Square’ in July which is such a brilliant idea on these balmy hot sunny days in London. Even better was the huge screen they had for all to see the Wimbledon match over the four days. I was lucky enough to score a funky yellow deck chair to perch on while tucking into my usual salad. I do try as much as I can to take a lunch break and clear my mind for an hour by taking a walk around the nearby parks or spending money that I know I shouldn’t be spending on Oxford Street.

I did get very comfortable in those chairs and the thought of having to return to my desk again seemed like such a drag. I wonder what excuse I can come up with to say I wont be coming back in for the afternoon?


Nope, I have nothing

2014-07-03 17.24.16_resized


Day 77

Trialling out my hot ruby-red nail polish for Henley on Saturday with a bit of ring bling. I’ve stopped wearing a lot of nail varnish unless im spoiling myself with a gel set. I find they last up to 4 weeks and are far better than dealing with unattractive chips all over my nails.  In saying that if anyone can give me advise on brands that wont do this then I am open to trying them. I don’t tend to wear a lot of jewellery either; apart from my watch which I feel naked without. I have a tendency to fiddle with rings by taking them off and leaving in oddest places that I can’t remember for the life of me (a mistake that has happened far to many times!) I’m still trying to work out what im going to do if I ever get married. I don’t think superglueing the ring to my finger is such a great idea. 




Day 78

I just adore this photo taken of all the girls today at Henley Royal Regatta.  Everyone looking very classy and sophisticated (wouldn’t have it any other way) and each with their own individual style. If you haven’t probably noticed by now I just love getting dressed up for any occasion, fancy dress being at the top of the list. Don’t you just think there is nothing better than getting ready with your girlfriends before a night out, sipping on bubbles, make up and clothes sprawled out all over the room and always rushing to finish those last-minute touches before running out the door. 

If you want to read more on the girly day out check out my post and some fabulous photos to go with it. 



Day 79

An absolute classic quote from the late John Lennon. Made me smile so I had to share.  The guy is such a legend. So on that note I wont elaborate anymore, he has said it all quite perfectly. 



Day 80

Monday evening saw me visiting another lavish hotel around W1.  A prestigious boutique hotel by the Doyle group, the Marylebone lane hotel situated at 108 Marylebone consists of 230 rooms including impressive gym facilities, heated pool, conference rooms, The Pantry restaurant, The Juicery and the drawing-room which is what you see in the picture below with numerous bottles of sparkling wine.  The sales manager had kindly offered a tasting of some English sparkling wine called Nyetimber and mountains of food to go with it.  I was not expecting anything quite like this to start my week off but saying no because a pitiful excuse of a detox wasn’t quite going to quite cut it. 

The rose was undoubtably the best and the always, never disappointing from this hotel. I will admit that I was a little piggy and had two servings of each of the cakes but im telling you they were that good and I wasn’t the only one following suit! 


Photo Collage Maker_XFcY12


Day 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51 & 52 – 100HD’s



3 June 14

Seeing this picture made me laugh. A friend sent to it me the other day and said it reminded her of me. Now don’t get me wrong, I know that im into my wine and constantly blogging about it but im not the type of person that needs to drink it every day. A nice glass of red with a juicy steak will do me just fine!  




4 June 14

Kiesza at XOYO – so impressed with this talented lady. Managed to get right at the front in this intimate underground venue and boy did she nail it. The girl can sing and dance and im certain she’s going to become a household name before we know it. If you want to read more on my thoroughly enjoyable night then check out my post on her from last week.


photo 3


5 June 14

 My Henley tickets arrived in the mail tonight and I was super excited when I realised it is only a month away… how time has creeped up so quickly! This is my very first time to the annual Royal event which is located up Oxford way on Henley Upon Thames. I decided to get a bunch of friends together (about 8 of us) for a girls day out in the Jamie Oliver enclosure. The package includes our own table, delicious food inspired by Jamie, champagne on arrival, wine, a dance floor with DJ and hopefully some wonderful memories to look back on. Roll on July I say!! 

2014-06-04 21.49.05_resized



6 June 14

Pamper night at home, blogging and reading my fav stylist mag.  Lately my life has been somewhat crazy and trying to find some downtime at the moment has been rather difficult to say the least. Im not one for staying in and just learning to relax, I just have to go go go and eventually end up crashing and burning after a few months of running around like a lunatic or becoming severely rundown. Its times like these where I really appreciate being in my own company, something that you learn as you grow older I believe. It’s important that we take some time out from our busy schedules to reflect and look back on what we have been doing. I wouldn’t say im quite there yet but im trying and that’s all that matters in my books! 


2014-06-05 21.14.52_resized



7 June 14

 Fat Fridays means Buretto day! If you are wondering if this went down well then yes you would be right.  I don’t think I was the only one who had the same idea with the queue out the door and half way down the street. Chipotle on Baker Street is always super busy but their service is quick and easy – in and out as I like to say but far more tastier than the likes McDonald’s or KFC (sorry I am not a fan of either!) 




8 June 14

Early morning Skype calls in bed with my dear best friend over in Australia – couldn’t ask for much more really!! Kaye, I know you are probably going to kill me for putting this picture up but in this case im sorry you don’t have a say in the matter! Skype has been my saviour since I have lived here. I honestly don’t know what I would do without. The best way to communicate with my loved ones, sometimes I can spend up to three hours gas bagging and catching up on all the goss. The most annoying thing is dealing with the 9 hour time difference and trying to fit it in with my hectic life… but I guess there are worst things in life to deal with right?


2014-06-07 22.03.02_resized


9 June 14

After two years of being convinced by a friend to come along to the Polo I finally got around to it this year. I was lucky enough to be given complimentary tickets by my friend who helps organise the event every year. For me its any excuse to glam up in a nice dress and sip on some champagne – it really doesn’t take that much to twist my arm! The weather was absolutely spectacular – hot and plenty of sun. I spent most of the day hanging out in the PIMMs and Pommery Tent. The Mahiki tent was buzzing with hip 20 somethings and as soon as I saw the coconut grenade drink I had to have get my hands on one. I can confirm it was very refreshing even though I am not a huge lover of coconut water. I also must confess I only watched about 10 minutes of the actual Polo match in the whole afternoon but I know im not the only one guilty of this im sure!


Photo Collage Maker_EqW9B9


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