A September health update – Raw & Real

Well it hasn’t been the finest of months I must say. When I say this I don’t mean to sound so dramatic or negative but you know when everything kind of happens at once? It’s kind of a bit like that – I’m sure we can all relate.

On Monday I went to the hospital to have a mole removed on the side of my face. Nothing cancerous although they are still taking it away to be looked at the lab as its always better to be safe than sorry. It was only a minor procedure with a few stitches that are going to be taken out at a later date, but its just the whole thought of having to deal with anything that requires a lovely needle (the little prick!!).

On top of that I’ve had a lot of grief with my wisdom tooth. But without going into too much detail here, its finally getting the pull next week.. lets just say that I’ve never been so excited to take a trip to the dentist, and I visit this place a lot with my Invisalign! 

On the plus side of all of this, I have been taking my capsules every single day for the past 5 weeks and I can honestly say that I have seen some vast improvements. Obviously you cant see all of these results over a blog post so I could just lie through my teeth about it, but then I would only be kidding myself and really, I have no time for that. 

The one thing I have really noticed is my nails. I have battled with brittle nails for years. It probably doesn’t help that I used to wear acrylics for many years plus a load of nail polish which has slightly stained them (and I’m not even a smoker!). I work in an office with people who see my hands all the time, so its important for me to have clean looking, healthy nails. Next time I will upload a picture but if you could see the difference I think you would be as shocked as I am. They are stronger to touch, no broken ends or overlapping which makes it look like you have 5 nails growing in different directions!!

Another thing I’m going to mention is my skin. As I’ve said on social media before, I have had issues with acne since I was about 15 years old. It’s never been that bad but its never really gone away and especially since I’m in my 30’s you hope to think that something like this only hung around in your teens. Of course my party lifestyle has certainly not helped this but I’ve always drank a ton of water, eaten well and cleaned my face twice a day. I also don’t wear heavy makeup because its just too much effort (I’m no Kim K alright).

Now when I look in the mirror I see way less spots and my skin is kind of glowing?! In fact, one of my managers at work mentioned it to me the other day which totally took me by surprise.

Lastly, I want to talk about my sleeping and energy levels. I’ve never had a problem with getting some shuteye, sometimes I can sleep for marathons like 13 hours and think nothing of it. These days I have no time to sleep like that but it’s more the waking up in the middle of the night and dealing with disturbed sleeping patterns. I’m not sure if this is caused from over thinking about everything but never-the-less this seems to be improving. I certainly don’t feel as tired during the day and thats even after a heavy drinking session at the weekend… which brings me to another point.

Recovery. While I normally feel like a bag of puss for 2 days after, it only seems lately that I’m feeling back to my normal self within a day. Now I might be overdoing it here but the fact that I have been to Ibiza and attended quite a fair amount of my boyfriends DJ gigs in the past few weeks, means I’ve got some hard evidence to back this up. 

Finally, I have to mention that I purchased a smoothie machine at work (much to my excitement) so I can make use of my complete powders in vanilla and chocolate. I’m now make use of this everyday, whether it be a breakfast smoothie with banana and oats or an afternoon snack before a workout with peanut butter and chocolate. I can’t tell you how good these really taste and I reckon I’ll have everyone at work on them in no time 🙂

These are by no way a meal replacements, I don’t really believe in replacing ALL solid foods and I certainly don’t need to be loosing a heap of weight being a smaller size. I just think its great to mix things up a little, in particular when those sugar cravings decide to creep up in the afternoon!! 

So that’s it. This may not apply to some and I get everyone has different opinions, but this is just me being very honest and hopefully encouraging a few to have a think about their well being. You don’t need to make dramatic changes to see results, its all about taking the first steps and making a few lifestyle adjustments. My mind is always open when it comes to making improvements in whatever aspect of my life that could be. We all want what is best for ourselves but sometimes it can be hard and scary to say hey, yeah lets do this!





The Blondoner’s Health Journal (A new chapter)

***A Little Announcement***


So ladies and gents, a bit of an update on me and what I’ve been up to lately. As always, there is so much going on and never really enough time to focus on myself or taking the time to improve on important things, like my health (balancing etc). Living in London can really take its toll and lately I have been feeling exhausted, lethargic, anxious, with constant spotty skin. Not ideal!


As you would have gathered by now, I’ve always been into working since I was young and a bit of a health buff, but its taken a back seat of late and now I feel it’s time to take some action!


Thats when I was introduced to these bad boys. I like to call it *goodness in a jar*! Not only are the benefits amazing, there is a long list of fruit and veggies contained inside little bean. I’m pretty excited to start this journey, so much so, that I’ve decided to start a health journal to keep all my followers up to date with my progress. Of course, there will still be updates of restaurants and the odd cocktail but for now its time to focus on feeling good as well as enjoying a balanced lifestyle! 



Flamingo Yoga Brunch – A very unique Supper club experience!

A short time ago back in January, I was invited along by Tabl to a very exciting supper club combining yang and yin style yoga and the most gorgeous vegan food I have ever laid eyes on. Hosted at a very homely location in Hackney called Reva Studios, with the lovely Emmy as our yoga instructor and Kali cooking using her magical plant based ingredients to serve up a magnificent feast for us all! 


I arrived early on location to get in a few snaps before everyone else arrived and I have to say the place was totally admirable. Set in an East London type warehouse, the open plan home was decked out with sleek white floors, gigantic sturdy wooden posts and fairy lights displayed with yoga mats positioned neatly all over the floor. There was plenty of natural light where the communal eating table was placed for brunch and tastefully decorated in generous greenery.

It certainly felt like a very relaxing environment to let go of all those stresses and a very fitting setting for a yoga class. 




Once all had been welcomed, Emmy started of the 75minute class of Yang and Yin yoga with some breathing techniques followed by nourishing yin poses to release and unwind. This type of yoga is especially designed to energise and refresh. Ending with some guided meditation and leaving you feeling in a blissful mind set. I sadly didn’t get a chance to take any photos due to being so in the zone at the time to even think about picking up a camera! But for anyone who enjoys practising yoga, you should definitely try one of Emmy’s classes. I felt very calm and collective by the end of the session and had managed to work up my usual appetite – now wheres the food? 🙂 



Once seated around the table, we were all ready to tuck in to the 5 courses on offering. I am not a vegan nor a vegetarian but I still enjoy eating it from time to time, especially if its as tasty as what I was about to get stuck into! Its actually quite amazing what can be made with meat and diary free ingredients! 



Firstly, we were served green Mimosa or coconut water for those being extra healthy, followed by small plates of chick pea tortilla chips, salsa and the most incredible guacamole dip I have tried to date.  The chips were also highly rateable, so much so, that we asked for seconds just so we could finish off that classic avocado based dip of goodness. 



Following from this was a very interesting dish consisting of charred cauliflower and sesame tostadas. I feel a theme coming on here..! But in all seriousness, this was extremely tasty, bursting with loads of lovely flavours topped with spring onions and a touch of chilli oil. Oh stop it!


The next course, which I thought had to be the main due to its well portioned size, was called the Corn Congee and this was my favourite of the lot. I loved the texture of the aubergine, combined with seaweed, peanut chilli oil and toasted tempeh. I’ve never had this before and I couldn’t get enough of it. Absolutely scrumptious and very nicely presented on the plate. 


Next it was bowls of fresh, vibrant slow roast beet and Pepita salad. Plenty of lush green and deep purple colours swirled around the ceramic bowls, were a delightful touch to the end of the meal as well as being light on the tummy. 

And last but not least, the all important dessert!

Chocolate, pistachio cream and brittle. Say. No. More. If you have ever tried a vegan chocolate cake or cheesecake, you know exactly what I’m talking about here. Absolute on point, heavenly, moorish, get in my mouth kind of dessert. The pistachio cream was DIVINE and I’m not afraid to say that I could have gone for seconds. Oops. 



I have to say, I was blown away by the quality of this brunch. You can tell that a lot of thought and passion as well as creativity has gone into the planning of each dish and one thing is for sure – you can tell the ingredients are mega fresh and everything is made right from scratch. It was also great to meet a friendly bunch of people and an ideal activity whilst being on a bit of a health kick. (and fun of course!!!)

Thank you to Tabl for giving me this opportunity to participate, I always love and look forward to unique experiences in London and this is certainly one of them worth doing. 🙂 



If this is well up your street then you are in luck! They have another brunch event happening on the 14th May and this will sell out quickly. Click below for more details – 


Also check out some pretty wicked events on Tabl – they have some of the best supper clubs going on in London right now & that is a fact! 

Shout out to Kali Cooking & Emmy – you can find them both on twitter @EmmyYoga @Kalicooking 

Steph loves Pilates


Body loves Pilates is owned and operated by my friend Alice Gramlick who used to be a co-worker of mine a few years ago and as I was going through my ‘health conscious’ month back in July, it seemed appropriate that we do some type of collaboration since I am also becoming quite the fan of the popular fitness work out. 



The perfect location on a warm summers night in my garden, I was lucky enough to have a private one on one session with Alice while getting to know the ins and out of the techniques used (in particular with the way you have to breath). If this is something you haven’t tried before, its really not that easy the first time around (being completely honest here) but after 10 or more sessions I can genuinely say that you will see some changes in your body shape. (and we all love to hear this!)


I’ve only been doing Pilates for the past year or so. On and off as I tend to enjoy weight training in between but there is something about Pilates that I really do have a soft spot for. Perhaps it is the learning to breath properly through the tummy/core while loosening body parts and in the most uncompromising positions. For me, its all part of the challenge and I am certainly not the type who gives up easily. 



Alice is a fantastic instructor who is extremely professional and knows exactly what she is doing when she teaches. I also loved the way she made it ‘fun’ while coming up with some brilliant one liners or in another words, explaining it in a more comedic way! Exercising should always be a gratifying experience and if you’re just forcing yourself to like something there is a fair chance you are going to be packing it in, in no time.

Of course we should always make sure safety is the number one priority. Always making sure that you have warmed those muscles up properly and advise of any injuries you may have. (Alice will make sure this is all taken care of before the session begins). 




Alice also runs group classes and corporate work place Pilates around the North, West & Central London areas. 

If you’d like to know more or have a chat with the lovely lass, you can click below for all the deets – 



Tel: +44 7947 127 013

Facebook click here

Twitter @BodyLovesPilates 

30Days done & done!


Jeepers, what a month is has been! To be honest its actually gone pretty damn quickly (once again) and ive been so chaotically busy that ive had very little time to sit and sulk about doom and gloomy January.


Although not to sound like a Debbie downer here but the past few days have been rather horrendous and the stress levels have been through the roof with the amount of bits and pieces going on…. On more of a positive note, today is day 30 of ’30Days’ YAH! Boy it has been quite a journey in such a short space of time. I have learned more about my body in the past month than I have in my 31 years of living and its just such an incredible feeling knowing how much you can really accomplish when you put your mind to it AND see the results.




Yes, I admit I slipped up a couple of times from my ‘no alcohol’ rule but theres no time for beating oneself up about it, we all make mistakes.  On the other hand, I was totally surprised by how focused and determined I felt throughout this exercise and how I managed to maintain a strict regime which almost seemed impossible to even compute back at the end of December….


Within a week I had already started to notice a few changes. I felt my energy was back again, my mind was clearer, I could concentrate more at work and in general I just felt a lot happier. Go the endorphines! Within two weeks and after some pretty tough personal training sessions in freezing conditions, I started to notice my body firming up and my Christmas holiday bloat was almost gone. I trained almost every day whether it was at the gym, doing sit ups or going for a brisk walk. This is hard going when you have a manic schedule BUT it can be done once you get yourself into a little routine.

I started to experiment more with different foods, introducing raw and visiting some pretty amazing restaurants around town. I took the Yuuga Kemistry Raw food class where we made all sorts of delicous meals including soup, zuchini pasta and cacao & goji berry balls. I also took the juice challenge (which you can read in one of my posts) which was unbelievably challenging but not something I would do again. I love my food way too much to sacrifice not eating 🙂


I am now drinking infused fruit water which is a fantastic substitute if you get sick of drinking boring old tap water all the time and want something refreshing and of course that is good for you.



Now that I have completed this mini challenge you may be wondering whats next? Well im certainly not going to go on a massive binge and retox as im not about to throw away hard work. I do strongly believe that we should reward ourselves especially after treating the body so well. Starting to incorporating carbs again such as whole meal grainy bread or a tomato based pasta. On the top of my list is to devourer a juicy steak, indulge in some cheese with a glass of red in hand and maybe some dark bitter chocolate on the side.  Ive been told that I will appreciate all the ‘goodies’ like never before and I think they could be right about that!




Its all about taking it ‘back to basics’


Yes! I quite like this quote and are going to try and adapt it with my everyday life from here on in. Dont get me wrong, I love to indulge in the finer things in life but its also equally important for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle – plus its fairly obvious that im pretty passionate about looking after myself.


Obviously im not asking people to do what I did. At the end of the day its all about moderation, finding the balances and getting to know your body. Trust me ive been there, done that with dieting, protein shakes and quick fixes. Thankfully ive realised that life is far to short for any of that nonsense!


Happy detoxing lovers x

’30Days’ continues with the 3 Day Obsidian Juice Cleanse


Thanks to the Obsidian juice program I was given the opportunity to give this cleanse a go over a course of 3 days. As these types of cleanses seem to be the rage at the moment I was eager to find out how my body would be able to cope with only fruit and vegetable juice. #letsdothis



Day 1

When the cold pressed juices arrived they came in a well organised box with each bottle individually labeled. Included were instructions on which day to have which juice. All were frozen and I just had to make sure I had left a total of 4 juices in the fridge the night before. I found a few were still slightly frozen the next day but I just ran under hot water which did the trick.

Meals came as such –

  • ABC
  • Calm
  • Invincible
  • Flush

The bottles themselves are actually on the large size (500ml) and you will feel full after the first one. I had this at the same time I would normally eat breakfast which is about 9am. The second one I polished off at 12.30pm. The third around 3pm and the lucky last at 6pm. By this time I was starting to feel the effects of ‘not eating’ and my energy levels had dropped. Bear in mind that you need to drink at least 3 litres of water a day or you can drink herbal tea so I opted with mint after every juice. I found this helped with the hunger pains and also warmed me up as I felt terribly cold! Also a warning, you may find yourself hanging out in the bathroom like its going out of fashion! I found that I was pretty drained by the end of the day and for that reason I put myself to bed well before the hours I normally get some shut-eye. Not such a bad thing hey.




Day 2

Woke up feeling tired, very dehydrated and you guessed it, hungry. I had a feeling that today was going to be the worst and I was right about that.  The bus ride to work was like being in a shop on boxing day sales. I literally wanted to kill someone. Im guessing this is a typical sign from lack of eating, especially from someone like me who loves their food SO MUCH.

By the time I got to work and had finished off my first ABC juice for the day, I was starting to perk up again and could feel the energy slowly coming back. Unfortunately this only lasted until just before 12 and then I started to feel pretty ill. By ill I mean dizzy and my sugar levels were very low so in this instance I decided I didn’t have a choice but to go and get something to eat. Otherwise I probably wasn’t not going to make it through the next hour….  Best to listen to your body so a small bowl of vegetables later after my midday juice and I was feeling a little more human again. Being at work all day therefore means more energy was being burnt quicker rather than if I was sitting on the couch at home. On this cleanse they recommend that you don’t eat (for obvious reasons) however you still need to look after yourself and if you are feeling unwell to the point of fainting it is best that you grab something small to get you through.  

Feeling emotional and pretty much all over the place, I was not going to give up with only one more day to go and after a couple of hours, I got through the afternoon in a breeze. In fact I found myself completely full. Funny how the body reacts to change so quickly. 


Day 3

Rose out of bed feeling somewhat better than the previous day. Drank a bottle of water before I got to work and started on the first juice called ‘Lean n Green’. My mood today (as I was advised strongly by those around me) was far more pleasant – cheers to that. I didn’t look anywhere near as drained or zapped so clearly my body was adapting to the harsher conditions. By the end of the day I was not complaining when I saw the last bottle in the fridge as my craving for food had decided to slip back into my thoughts and gently remind me that it was all done and dusted. 🙂 




This was such an interesting, insightful yet significantly difficult challenge. I felt like I was really testing the mental capabilities of not only my body but my mind as well. The thing I quite liked about this program is all the juices overall tasted very good, no flavours to turn your nose up at. Even though I only choose to do the 3 days, I believe that was more than enough for someone like myself who is generally healthy anyway and that doesn’t need to lose a lot of weight. Depending on what sort of results you are looking at achieving there is also a 5 and 7 day program. 

This program requires disciplining yourself. I’m not going to lie. It is not easy and I wouldn’t call it fun exercise (lets face it, what detox is!)….speaking of exercise, I decided to give it a miss during this time. Seems pointless if you can’t put 100% effort into a workout. If anything, a walk would be about as far as I would go but always listen to what your body whats to do. 


Noticeable facts –

My skin is definitely looking healthier and there is a slight glow!

I don’t have the cravings for any sugary, fatty foods and my stomach has definitely shrunk

I do feel a little more energised and after tomorrow of back to normal (of course healthy) eating im sure I will be feeling on top of the world!


If you are curious, the 3 day juicing starts from a reasonable price of £59.00 


Thank you so much to Obsidian and Carol West for providing me with this program. For now its back to training and continuing on my ’30Days’ challenge. For those who are doing it as well or thinking of giving it a go please see below for more details and most of all, best of luck!



Carol West Bio

Carol West is a qualified nutritionist, qualified colon hydrotherapist and trainer.  Carol gained a Certificate in Plant Based nutrition from Cornell University certified by Dr Colin Campbell (author of the China study which was the first extensive study done with regards to diet and health conditions. An entire country was studied and the eating habits and health conditions of each region were correlated – the results showed that those who ate a whole food plant based diet were at the least risk of diseases (conditions) such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Its author and researcher Dr Colin Campbell is considered the father of the plant based diet).

She is a qualified Juice therapist.

She is the only UK trainer authorised by the PCRM (the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) in Washington to teach and train plant based nutrition with four specific target groups; healthful eating for cancer, diabetes prevention and survival, weight management and healthy eating for children.  Obsidian is the first and only retreat to be certified by the PCRM which is founded on 30 years of scientific study. Andrew West is a qualified hypnotherapist, advance level EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a qualified trainer and qualified counsellor.



*this was a sponsored post & all views are my own*

The Blondes ’30 Days’

I know exactly what you’re thinking. Just another person doing one of those silly “I feel guilty from eating a truckload of food and gallons of booze” January detoxes.  Yes I’ll admit that did over indulge during Christmas (who hasn’t) but it also goes far beyond the festive months and besides im known to detox during the summer months (being the health nut I am) so it is no different to me for doing it in January. I also have a very good excuse to get my body in order but I can’t expose these details just yet… you will have to wait and find out!




So getting down to the nitty-gritty. Basically ive decided to get my fitness, health, well-being and body up to speed again. By doing this im going to set a challenge of ’30 days’ starting from today, 1st January.


During this period im going to do a number of things. Please bear in mind that I am in no way a qualified nutritionist, doctor or fitness instructor however if you would like to follow my meals and exercise regime by all means please do. I will be posting daily on my Instagram and Twitter accounts over the course of the 30 days.

I know my body very well and exactly what I need to do to achieve the goals I have put in place for this. I realise that every ‘body’ is different, especially when it comes to weight loss but if I can be of any help or at least encourage to people who are thinking about changing their lifestyle, then that in my eyes is an added bonus! Im also a firm believer of the quote ‘what you put in is what you get out of it’. Sitting on the couch wishing you had a better body is not going to help your cause. 

Another thing to note here is that I will still be eating out around London during this time. I don’t believe in depriving ones self from doing these sorts of activities that I love to do. It just means I will have to choose the healthier options. No biggie. I’ll also be eating sugar, just not the nasty or processed stuff, meaning natural sugars from fruit. Anyway, I couldn’t possibly go without a piece of dark chocolate every now and again 🙂




  • I will be doing at least ’30’ minutes of exercise every day. Whether it involves weights, cardio, personal training sessions, classes or just going for a quick jog, I will need to do at least half an hour each day. This is not too much to ask out of our day and busy schedules. It can be done.
  • No drinking. Shock, horror. This means no yummy cocktails, glasses of champagne and the sneaky glass of red with a meal. Water (at least two litres a day) plus herbal tea only. 
  • Juice cleanse. As of next week I will attempting to drink only juice for 3 days. The thought of not eating solid foods at all scares me a little but I am willing to give it a go. During this time I will ‘exempted’ from exercising as I will have little energy as it is. The juice detox is thanks to the Obsidian Cafe and Carol West. You can click here for more details and I will be sure to report back once I have completed the program. 


So that’s everything covered for now. Below is a picture of my lunch today. Doesn’t look very tantalising like my other food pictures I know…BUT it’s full of protein and good fats 🙂

Organic chilly rice cakes

1 Avocado

2 boiled eggs

John West tuna in basil 

Dash of sweet chilli sauce 




Always remember, your body is your temple. Look after it regardless of what time of year it is!

This Blonde says, relax…


Recently I was asked to take part in the Art Spas Says Relax competition, which got me thinking. What are the type of things I fancy doing when it comes to unwinding and relaxing amongst the hustle and bustle that the London lifestyle brings? 

Well here are 5 ways I believe certainly help me.



1.  Going to the cinema

I love going to watch a film and switching everything off. This includes my mobile phone that I admittedly spend far too much time on these days.  Its a great way of disconnecting from the world for a couple of hours and not having to worry about what is going on around you. Sitting back, stuffing your face with popcorn or loads of sugar and being engrossed in a good flick is just the best, isn’t it?! 





2. Weekend cheese & wine sessions

There is nothing quite like a mid afternoon session in the garden or sat in a comfy sofa chair, having a selection of gourmet cheeses, some full-bodied red wine and chit chats with your bestie. A great way to unwind with all the comforts. Oh and don’t forget to add some bitter dark chocolate and a sneaky gin to finish. That will do me nicely. 



 photo 2


3. Working out

I’ve been going to the gym for over 10 years now and never have I once felt like im sick of it or developed a ‘cant be bothered’ attitude towards it.

You’re probably thinking how on earth can this possibly be relaxing. Working out is hard going, don’t get me wrong but its the after feeling of a clear head and I tell you after a mentally draining day at work, this cannot be beaten. Lifting weights and doing cardio is part of my general regime but I also like to mix it up with a few classes in between so it doesn’t get so mundain.

Any type of exercise is good for you regardless. A healthy fit body = a healthy, stress free, relaxed state of mind. 





4. Home pampering sesh

Every woman loves to be pampered but finding the time for such a thing can almost seem impossible these days. When I have few hours spare, I love nothing more than putting on a pair of comfy PJ’s, some fluffy slippers, an organic face mask and sitting in front of the box.  I prepared a face mask today I found online using only banana, honey and some lemon juice. Below are the details. Let me warn you that its a pretty messy exercise and visually not so appealing to look at but I had a fair bit of amusement trying to mush it all over my face. The skin did feel slightly smoother and fresher but that was before I realised there were lumps of what looked like baby food all over the floor…oopps


2 bananas (ripe so you can mush them up)

Organic Honey (the more organic the better)

1 lemon squeezed (although 2 tablespoons will be enough)

Mix together and presto!


Leave on for 15 minutes 






5. Must have music –

One of my favourite ways to relax is without a doubt is listening to music. For me personally, music is something I could never go a day without listening too. EVER. I still love to whip out a cd from my larger than life collection I have from time to time otherwise Im addicted to Spotify. Yes, before you judge, I am old school like that.

Anything ranging from deep house, electro or buddha bar lounge to the beautiful sounds of classical violinist Vanessa Mae. It puts me in a zone which is hard to describe using words but anybody who is a muso will definitely get what I am trying to say here. 

Headphones in. World off.  



*This is a sponsored post. All views/content are my own* 

You too can enter this competition if winning a spa weekend sounds like your cup of tea.  Head over to their page by clicking HERE to see all terms & conditions. 






I thought it was about time I got my butt into gear and pulled out my brand new juicer which needed a good workout. 




I was given a very simple but fruity fresh summer recipe to trial. So here it goes – 


Ingredients you will need – 

  • 1 cup of green grapes 
  • Handful of mint leaves 
  • 1 large cucumber 
  • Sparkling water (I used San Pallegrino) 
  • Ice (if desired)









I basically just chopped everything up and popped into the juicer. Give it a good stir before pouring into a glass. I went a bit fancy smancy and used a jam jar with handle but a normal glass is completely fine. To top up pour some sparkling water in with some ice cubes and a bit of mint for garnish. 

Don’t forget the colourful strays 🙂 








I’m always left with far too much so rather than leave in the fridge (which is not always as fresh once you have done this) I added into some colourful ice block moulds and put them in the fridge to freeze. I picked these up off Amazon which is way easier than trying to look around shops for hours on end (well I think so anyway). 






So there you go a quick, healthy and nutritious afternoon snack to get you through until dinner time. Nice.






2014-08-16 20.34.17_resized

Day 20, 21, 22, 23, 24 & 25 – Feeling Happy




6 May 14

Working out after over two weeks of not seeing a gym made me exceptionally happy to be back into it again and enjoying a a good sit up session with this medicine ball. Normally I am frequenting the gym on a regular basis and its funny how quickly you become lazy and lethargic after even a week of being away. Getting back into a routine is alot harder than letting it go I tell you!! With that in mind im going to have to suffer the consequences with a rather sore body tomorrow. 



7 May 14

Came home after a hard days work to find a parcel sitting on the dining table and what a nice surprise it was from my Bestie in Australia and just want I needed after feeling under the weather all week. Wrapped in a small pink Victoria Secret box was a leather passport and ticket wallet.  An absolutely perfect present that will be used very wisely for all my travels. 

rach present to me


8 May 14

I was invited to go along to a fun-filled evening at a hotel you may have possibly heard of around the block. Claridges, now managed under the Maybourne Group, is a famous luxury 5 star hotel founded in 1812 and situated within the prestigious rich playground of Mayfair. 

The photo taken below is me in the fancy ‘DVA’ suite which absolutely blew me away! I felt like royalty with a line of waiters strolling in with glasses of Laurent Perrier champagne and a tray full of finely detailed h’ordearves. The room itself is bigger than my entire flat, with a grand piano, vibrant animal inspired decor and a toilet with a seat that automatically opens for you!! The rest of the hotel has been kept and restored to its original 1920’s theme and still one of the only hotels with a gentleman’s lift in operation. This week they launched their new fine dining restaurant called Fera which is headed up by celebrity chef Simon Rogan. If your also a lover of the whole ‘afternoon tea’ experience than im advised that they are one of the best around town. 

If you need to know more visit – http://www.claridges.co.uk/fera/

Steph at Claridges


9 May 14

I am very particular when it comes to having flawless skin especially on your face. For the past 4 months ive been visiting the Laser clinic in Harley Street for microdermabrasion treatments. After 6 sessions, tonight was the last time I would be listening to the vibrating sounds of the machine and the slightly irritating brush over my skin. Although I sound like I am complaining right now I have noticed a significant difference in my skin tone and I am very happy with the results. If you suffer from acne scaring, pigmentation marks that make you feel self-conscious then investing into having some treatments done is well worth it for the price tag that comes with it. 

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10 May 14

Going through my emails this morning I had one in my inbox from my dear mother which was a picture of one of my childhood dolls called Rosaley made by Nana when I was just five years young (yep its about 26 years old now). It really put a smile on my face and bought back so many precious memories of carrying her by my side wherever I went. I can’t believe she is still in pretty good nick considering the  put her through. 



11 May 14

I love waking up on a Sunday feeling hungover free and fresh as a daisy. I went and meet up with a friend for a coffee or should I say a lush acai berry and banana smoothie… Moosh in Fulham Broadway is a healthy juice and smoothie bar. They also do delicious breakfasts ranging from smoked salmon, organic eggs and the classic BLT or if your feeling daring you could try their famous waffles with frozen yogurt and blueberries – yum! 




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