Local Hot Spots – The Melbourner’s Picks


So I’m fully aware of how much I’m seriously slacking off on the blog posts of late, which I profusely apologise now for in advance. You see, life in Melbourne has been a little on the busy side these past few months, especially when everything is so new and super exciting. It really is proving hard to say no to so many incredible eating establishments and cocktail bars that are off the hook; (I think you can understand where I’m coming from here). I’ve also been working pretty darn hard at my ‘actual’ day job which hasn’t left me with a lot of time nor the brain capacity for writing, but enough with the excuses already…

Continuing on the subject of eating and boozing, I wanted to share some of my new local hot spots ,which I have recently frequently and worth a mention if you are ever thinking of visiting this wonderful city in the near distant future. I can’t really say that there has been one shoddy or unpleasant place I have experienced thus far (mind due, it has only been 5 months) and I have a good feeling that this city is going to provide all the goodness and meet the high expectations that I had whilst living in L-town. 


Mr Miyagi

Friends of mine had recommended I give this trendy, urban Japanese eatery a go and why not considering that this type of cuisine is part of my diet almost everyday, with my healthy obsession with sushi. 

If there is one thing that stood about for me about this place, its definitely the quality of food that is presented in front of you. The highlight for me was the salmon nori taco which is delivered to your table in a cute little box. Awwwww

Friday and Saturday nights are almost impossible to bag a table if theres only a few of you but there is the option of Yuki’s snack bar located at the back, which offers a variety of delicious snacks including the HIMALAYAN SALT SLAB CURED KINGFISH and tempera runner beans. Yummo oh and don’t forget the beaut cocktails to match. Winner winner. 

99 Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181

Jane Doe

Greeted with a white picket fence and velvet vintage sofa chairs, this retro cocktail bar located on Chapel Street is your pre-drink, post drink kind of place. They offer daily happy hour which includes 10 buck cocktails  and 5 dollar wines, so really, whats not to love! 

219 Chapel St, Prahran VIC 3181 


Bistro Morgan

If you have a killer sweet tooth, then I wont even need to go into too much detail to try and sell this one to you. In the past few months I’ve visited at least three times and that includes an Uber Eats delivery…say no more? The brains behind all of this is a savvy 17 year old entrepreneur called Morgan Hopworth, who has been dishing out an array of decadent, syringed filled donuts at his High Street premises in Prahran. It would be fair to say that these are best around town but who am I to say, pop in and be the judge for yourself. 

190 High St, Windsor VIC 3181


Borsch Vodka & Tears

This Polish restaurant and bar located on Chapel Street actually made my eyes twinkle. After only recently visiting Krakow in Poland my expectations were fairly high and I definitely did not leave feeling bitterly disappointed. Not only are the dumplings heavenly, the stuffed zucchini flowers are to die for AND they have over 9 pages of listed vodkas for you (no jokes) to try. It doesn’t end there, they also have flights with three types of flavours, which you can even choose yourself. How lovely! 

Besides from the appetising food, it’s actually very reasonably priced, oh and hazelnut vodka is next level – no doubt I’ll be back for a few more. 

173 Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181


Killing time

Another quirky Chapel Street venue with a cosy, underground vibe, playing some seriously good techno and house music. I’ve been lucky enough to have already experienced a couple of special gigs by my friends, Motion Theory music. Its always filled with the coolest of peeps, DJ’s playing the raddest of tunes, plenty of dancing  and even comes with the decks behind the bar.  I almost feel like I’m at some house party rather than a late night bar. 

11 Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181

Revolver Upstairs 

I know some of you are giggling right now but how could I not share the club of all clubs in Melbourne – come on 🙂 The first time I stepped into the infamous club was one Friday night where dinner was still being served – yes there is a Thai restaurant called Colonel Tans and its goes alright. If food isn’t your thing and you are all about raving until the break of dawn, then Revs is calling your name from that lovely steep and scary staircase. Attracting some big name techno DJ’s its by far the best underground club that this city has on offer… and besides, lets not deny the fact that the atmosphere is wicked no matter what time of day it is. 

229 Chapel St, Prahran VIC 3181 


Sash Japanese

Sash is somewhat a modern day version of Nobu, offering a new take on Japanese fusion ranging from sliders, tacos, pizzas, sake and the ultimate cocktail list. Head bartender, Kyle Rose who takes the art of cocktail making to the next level, will most certainly cater for whatever your tastebuds desire.

The restaurant itself stretches over 40 metres, with funky neon signs and a variety of areas to perch including the bar if you’re stopping by for a late night cap….(I highly recommend) 

113 Chapel St, Windsor VIC 3181 


Darling cafe

Offering new and old menu favourites, this cafe is the perfect spot for a Sunday brunch hang with your nearest and dearest. From sweet pancakes, to smashed avo, to vegan quinoa and bircher muesli – there is something for all. I ended up choosing the beetroot ricotta patties with sweet potato, edamame and poached egg on top, which was devoured in seconds and certainly worth it after waiting almost half an hour to get a table.

So yes, you will have to have a bit of patience and no, you cant book on the weekends but this is Melbourne for you and I’m sure in good time I’ll get over it. 

2 Darling St, South Yarra VIC 3141 


38 Chairs

Some people call it a hidden gem but I prefer to call it a diamond. Located in South Yarra, I instantly fell for this petite, intimate Italian eatery very quickly. Firstly, their homemade pasta is delightfully fresh, authentic i taste and the seafood linguine is an absolute must. For dessert try their chocolate filled tortilli which will leave you with some serious food orgasms (don’t say I didn’t warn you). To top it off, the service was on point, a wonderful atmosphere and the wine list was just exceptional. Once again I will be returning. 

PS great for dates! 

4a Bond St, South Yarra VIC 3141 


St Edmonds

Firstly I was recommend this converted garage, come minimalistic cafe by a real estate agent while hunting for properties in the area one Saturday morning. He had advised me that this was the best coffee in the area, which really doesn’t mean a whole lot to me as I am more a tea drinker, however it seems when you live in Melbourne, this is a vital part of everyday life… which I still don’t get it but whatever floats the boat. 

You’ll be pleased to hear that it not only offers great coffee but also fabulous food to go with it. The staff are a friendly bunch and very welcoming, so if you’re ever passing by Greville Street, pop in and say hello. 

154 Greville St, Prahran VIC 3181 



So amazing, I’m going back again for more this week. Another Chapel Street hot spot (yes another one) is I’m informed from the locals, a bit of an institution. Why you ask? Well, once you’ve been you’ll totally understand what I mean. There is no signage out the front which kinda makes it even more intriguing (I must have walked past like an idiot a few times). The menu has a decent selection of veggie/meat/seafood options which apparently is designed for sharing but really when it’s this good, whose down for sharing right?!!! The sticky eggplant with shiitake and black bean sauce is beyond ridiculous and the crab noodles which don’t look overly appealing, are absolutely friggin delicious (don’t ever judge a book by it covers my friends). 

This is some of the best food I’ve eaten since leaving London – massively impressed to say the least. 

363 Chapel St, South Yarra VIC 3141



I have to admit that I do have a massive soft spot for anything European, in particular, French wine, food and the language; which do I miss terribly since leaving London, however Melbs offers the next best thing and that is some fantastic, quality establishments within a stones throw of where I’m currently residing. One of those notable spots is a quaint, converted terrace house/restaurant called Entrecote adjacent to the lush Botanical Gardens, with its own gorgeous alfresco patio area for the optional, outdoor dining experience. I was seated next to the double bay window and treated to a glass of Pinot, a hunk of juicy steak with a mountain of frites in service à la française.  Finishing off with the most extravagant looking dessert, it just has to be done if you want the full French experience.  

131-133 Domain Rd, South Yarra VIC 3141

Cafe Sydney – Harbour Style Dining



After only being back in Australia for a few days, I knew my birthday was looming around the corner and I wanted to find somewhere extra special as a welcome back treat for myself. A few friends had suggested numerous places but the one that had stood out for me was in an extraordinary location, located in Custom House on the 5th floor and offering some of the best views a girl could possibly ask for!

Cafe Sydney, I’m advised, is famously known for its extensive wine list, outstanding menu and breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour bridge. I had asked a friend to join me for lunch as she has just moved from the UK also and I felt a fine dining, memorable experience was in need for the pair of us! It was scorching hot that day and although it would have been cooler inside with some nice air-conditioning, I was not passing up the chance to perch on the alfresco style balcony, looking out to some pretty iconic architecture and glistening water of the harbour. I quite liked the fact that paper fans were provided at the table, as a small momentum to take away with you, which is such a nice touch (and a brilliant idea in the heat).

Once we were seated, I ordered us a bottle of riesling called Stargazer from Tasmania, since I knew we were eating salads and fish today, I wanted something slightly lighter than the usual Sav blanc. After living in the UK for 7 years, all I’ve been drinking is either French, Austrian or German so I’m pretty excited to explore the many wine regions that Australia has to offer (and there are plenty!) 

To start I was pretty keen to order some oysters, as Australia is known for its amazingly fresh seafood and since it had been quite sometime since I had eaten shell fish after my little mishap in Europe, it just had to be done!! The Sydney rock & Pacific oysters are equally both on par as far as delishness is concerned and freshly shucked with a pinot grigio vinegar to drizzle over. YUMMO.


Carmen and I shared a couple of appetizers together since it was such a hot day, my appetite wasn’t up to its usual standard of wanting to gorge as much food as possible 😉

The peach and goats cheese salad was exquisite and so perfectly light for eating on a summers day (actually Autumn but you get what I mean here) 

I had the Salt cod croquette with zucchini flower, poached prawn and accompanied with a lemon parsley dressing which was absolutely divine and well presented! I had been craving stuffed zucchini flowers for so long as this is something you don’t see in many restaurants in the UK (if not at all) so as you can imagine, every bite was thoroughly savoured. 

We also ordered a side of spinach and goats cheese naan bread which seemed a little strange to me since we weren’t eating any indian cuisine and to be honest, I generally avoid it with being super oily BUT boy oh boy did this redeem itself. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted naan bread is good as that before so I guess i’ll take everything i’ve said back on this one occasion. 

And last but not least, as I ALWAYS state in my reviews – the best part of the meal – DESSERT!!

They had five options to choose from and obviously I had to go for the salted caramel, banana fritter, chocolate peanut tart and ice cream option (not a hard decision there). You’re probably thinking that is going to be ridiculously sweet but to be honest, it wasn’t a huge portion, just the right size without feeling like you’ve basically eaten a bowl of sugar (no thank you). 


I’d have to say my favourite part of this dish, was the banana wrapped around in what seemed like a cinnamon donut – super lush on every level. 

Carmen had the coconut panna cotta, caramalised pineapple, coconut and passionfruit sorbet – a slightly healthier option to what I had chosen, however it still provided some highly rateable flavours. These days, I love anything with coconut in the ingredients, you just cant go wrong with it, especially in a dessert. 

So to summarise, I’m thrilled to have dined at this beautiful restaurant for my birthday. It literally made our day – an exceptional experience for the both of us, which was really appreciated from start to finish. The service was to a very high standard with friendly, polished and knowledgable waiters; the venue itself was sophisticated, very instagramable and a perfect spot for any special occasion – I highly recommend you check it out. 








A night to remember @ Mr Fogg’s 5th birthday soirée


When I was invited a long to this pretty special event a few weeks back, I was a little hesitant due to it being a very quiet non-sociable month for me, plus I didn’t really want to face the freezing cold night time air after a hard days work BUT anyway (first world problems!), I persuaded myself to make the effort because I absolutely dig MR FOGG’S and their cocktails are just out of this world!! 

Funnily enough I wasn’t drinking but this should definitely NOT stop you from going out because we can always have a good time without loads of booze 🙂 Luckily for me they had a couple of very appealing mocktails to choose from including the berry straight & narrow, (rate the name) the red herring which went down an absolute treat and of course many other spirited libations! 

If you haven’t had the chance to visit one of the most charming and quirkest bars in London, well you are simply missing out (no joke!!). It’s tucked away, just behind the poshness of Berkeley square in Mayfair but don’t worry its very different when you are welcomed inside, its like you’ve stepped well back in time!

Based on the eccentric British adventurer, Phileas J. Fogg, it also features a Hendrick’s botanical garden, beautiful furniture pieces as well as a number of interesting decorative items hanging off the ceiling. (your eyes wont know where to look)

The cocktail list is phenomenal and no imagination is spared when it comes to the creation that goes into each and every drink. Trust me on this one 🙂

During the evening there was also plenty of entertainment provided including Mr B the Cockney rapper who was a barrel of laughs, as well as a once in a lifetime horse and carriage ride around Mayfair – something you rarely get to do these days! The horses were beyond stunning and even though we waited for what seemed like an hour in the cold, it was well worth it to have such an incredible opportunity and one that I’m probably never going to experience again. 

Thank you Mr F for your kind hospitality!!



Address: Mr Fogg’s Residence, 15 Bruton Lane, Mayfair, W1J 6JD


Dry Jan & what I really think about it


Every January its the same thing – no booze for 31 days, depressing miserable weather (UK) and the people of London moaning about how dark and cold it is while wishing it was summer again (whoops that might be just me).

I’ve been speaking to a number of friends over the last few weeks who have decided to partake in going dry for the month, which got me thinking, what on earth is dry Jan and what is the purpose of it all? After doing some serious research, I decided to write a post about the real health benefits and why people seem to think they are doing their bodies a favour. 

I’m not normally one to post anything overly opiononated but I’m up for a bit of a debate about this one, so please feel free to comment below or give me some feedback 🙂 please note that I am not a specialised doctor or a nutritionist but I do have some common sense and I do know how to look after myself. 

As most of you may know (or not) that i’ve decided to lay off the booze, not because of dry January at all. I’m actually in the process of making some serious lifestyle changes (I have been since October last year) which means CUTTING BACK on the booze to a certain extent. Yes, I am definitely staying far clear of it for this month, and perhaps for most of February, maybe even March, but i’m not going to restrict myself permanently, be made to feel guilty for a slip up or set myself up with unrealistic goals.

As far as I’m concerned its all about EIM. Everything in moderation for the long version. Binge drinking has always been a bad habit of mine since I was about 19 years old and i’m definitely not alone on this. I am now 34 and soon to be approaching 35 in the coming months and to be honest with you, getting stupidly drunk is not a great look when you are approaching your mid 30’s. Of course you still need to live your life and have some good old fun or a blow out as Brits call it  – I get it…. but doing this all the time (lets be real here) is not doing me or you any favours long term. We should still be able to go out and have an amazing time without drowning ourselves in bottles of wine, vodka, beer etc without being labelled as boring or no fun and after 15 years of partying, I’ve done and seen it all with many excruciating hangovers and its safe to say, i’m not really missing it. 

Being a blogger in London makes it somewhat difficult to avoid – but it can be done. I’m always invited to loads of events with plenty of bubbles, wine, cocktails, you name it and although this sounds very lavish and enjoyable, it can be utterly exhausting. It’s very hard to say no, but eventually you do get to that point where the novelty just wears off. This is purely because, (myself in particular) you start to hit a wall and your body and mind eventually feel like a bag of you know what. I know for a fact, that I have a tendency of becoming severely unproductive and unmotivated, I cant focus properly at work or even think about doing any exercise. Im tired, groggy and worst of all – moody! Who can relate to this? 

Lets be honest, most of us after the 31st of January (me included) one way or another, have gone out and gotten completely tanked up on what we call a retox or an impulsive binge, simply because we have restricted ourselves so badly the previous month, that we now must simply get back to the ‘normal’ life of boozing it up and forgetting just how awful those last 31 days were. The sad reality is, is that most of us will then make up for lost time over the next 11 months and then we will do it all over again, hoping that it will help us in some way? Im not so sure about that. 

The thing about doing dry January is most of us don’t realise that by avoiding drinking for one month only, is going to have very little health benefits. Sorry about that. Although I am not aware of what most would like to get out of this or achieve health wise, I’m guessing that it could be along the lines of feeling less bloated, loosing weight, steering clear of junk food, being clearer in the head and slightly more productive etc etc etc but in reality, there are no significant health benefits whatsoever unless you decide to perhaps give it up completely. 

Maybe some of you binged over Christmas.. shit happens but don’t whinge about it, perhaps this year look at cutting back slightly so the overpowering guilt is not there come January. I had a bit of a ‘blow out’ over NYE but it didn’t bother me one bit because I had the best time ever and sometimes it is just has to be done. 

Personally I think that if you want to give up drinking, then just do it. Not for a month, not even for 6 months. For those who don’t care or happen to think its the most ridiculous thing ever, no worries, its not that much of a big deal anyway just live your life how you want it to be. 

As I mentioned previously, i’ve always been about the EIM – eating well, exercising, no diets, taking supplements, getting some sun and no over-stressing. I’ve never been overweight, my weight is normal for my height. I have no health problems, allergies and I’m rarely sick.  In fact, the only negative thought that comes to mind is my anxiety, which most of the time is caused from a big night, lack of sleep and too much alcohol (there you go). 

I’ll always enjoy a glass of wine here and there, maybe the odd cocktail but in all honesty its not a necessity or priority in my life anymore. If you do what’s right for you and your health in general, then dry Jan shouldn’t really apply 😉 Be kind to YOU!

A Prosecco & Pizza fuelled brunch @ Bunga Bunga

Stop everything!!! 

Yes put that down, yes that TV remote, magazine, phone, cup of tea.. no wait not the hot cuppa you can kelp a hold of that one for now.

Right, now that I have (hopefully) your undivided attention, I can go onto begin about that crazy time I was at Bunga Bunga Covent Garden for their latest addition…..The Matinee Brunch.

Im sure by now you’ve heard me speak about Bunga and the brand, if you have bothered to read my other posts (only kidding!), I speak very highly of these venues across London and below are some of my reasons why.


  1.  Attention to detail – this is across the board with every venue
  2.  Fun atmosphere – next level
  3.  Service – the staff are always vibrant and and happy

This was my very first time visiting the Covent garden location and once again I was totally wowed by just how ridiculously cool it is. I bought my wonderful friend Yvonne to join in on the craziness as she was well up for the challenge (good girl!). When you first walk in, its actually part of Bunga Tini which happens to be another bar/restaurant on the top floor. Downstairs is where it all happens…

We were whisked away underground and greeted with loud noises of harmonious singing voices, a flamboyant stage, loads of people already seated (yes it was busy) and disco balls with flashing lights.

It had already began and I hadn’t even had a glass of bubbles yet!

Once seated we were greeted with a very smiley waiter who worked his way through the menu and explaining how it all works. It simple for me – food and just pass that prosecco please 🙂 So as it is a bottomless brunch, you can imagine that the bubbles were flowing at an extreme rate. I must of seen at least 40 bottles pass my head at some point – no not for me! But you get the jist of just how generous they are throughout the 2-2.5 hour sitting. 

After listening to some awesome sounds, it was then over the to the band on the stage, where the curtain was drawn and the karaoke screens were fully displayed. I then realised that it was us that had to be involved.. err not quite merry enough for all this just yet… but luckily a few other punters were straight up there hogging the microphone and belting out the classics we all love.

In the midst of all of this, the brunch items were being bought to our table. Starting off with a number of small plates of warm brioche bread, the creamiest of burrata surrounded with lush home made tomato jam, antipasto of meats and salamis, added with some vegetarian quiche which I’m sure wasn’t meant for us but the extra touch was gladly welcomed!

After all this it was then onto the massive metre pizza which consisted of three tasty types like creamy spinach, mozzerella cheese, tuscan sausage etc etc on top of an very nice miniature roman pole stand and wooden flat-board. I love how it was presented so beautifully but it was slightly on the difficult side to see Yvonne over the top of it hehe

When I’m out to a restaurant, I always like to find out what the bathrooms are like – I know, very strange but this can make or break you know! The women’s of course was separate from the mens although to wash your hands was in this rather amazing fountain, which I thought was far too fancy for the toilet – any hoo!

Not to mention that they have some very unique rooms for hire if it takes your fancy for a large soiree in mind. A choice between the lavish Emperors Box, The tipsy Disarano boat or the swanky Martini Lounge.

So whether you are up for an Italian feast, next level over the top entertainment or a mountain full of endless bubbles, this might be something to add to your list of ‘Brunches to do’. 

PS – dessert consumption was missed due to us eating through everything at a snail pace (and maybe consuming a little too much prosecco) hard to believe but there is a lot of food – trust me!!! (go large)


The Martinee brunch welcomes you every Saturday afternoon @ £44.00 per head


The Blondoner’s Autumnal Playlist



I don’t know about you, but I’m having a really hard time believing its actually the beginning of October…. I mean, in a way its kind of a good thing (personally) as I’ve managed to settle right down after a non-stop, exhausting (but fun) few months over the Euro summer. I feel that I’m definitely ready for some serious downtime from now, right up until the first week of December….so with these thoughts in mind, I was thinking about what kind of tracks I would like to choose for my October playlist and only one word came to mind – classical. 

This an area of music that I am particular fond of. Why? Well one of the reasons I can give you all is that I used to belong in an orchestra when I was a teenager, playing the flute for many years. Of course I gave that all up when I got too cool for it (as your supposed to do right?!) but that didn’t mean I packed it all in, I still continued to listen after work on my tape decks (oh those were the days!). I didn’t mind a bit of Vilvaldi or Mozart and the likes of violinist, Vanessa Mae from time to time – I’ll admit to this 🙂

To this day, I still find classical music so therapeutic to listen too, but sadly, I just haven’t had the time to go along to any recitals which is purely my own fault, but never mind, there is always Spotify or You tube as a back up! 

The artists I have picked for this month are ones with exceptional talent and can either play an instrument of some sort or the use of ‘classical’ elements, that really stand out in their music. My favourite being the Saxophone (not because its trendy!), followed by the violin, piano and the trumpet.

I just had to add two Above and Beyond tracks because when I saw their acoustics performance for the first time at the Royal Albert Hall, I literally had goosebumps from start to finish. Pretty powerful when you think about it, which is probably why I love this kind of genre so much. 


Open in Spotify

A September health update – Raw & Real

Well it hasn’t been the finest of months I must say. When I say this I don’t mean to sound so dramatic or negative but you know when everything kind of happens at once? It’s kind of a bit like that – I’m sure we can all relate.

On Monday I went to the hospital to have a mole removed on the side of my face. Nothing cancerous although they are still taking it away to be looked at the lab as its always better to be safe than sorry. It was only a minor procedure with a few stitches that are going to be taken out at a later date, but its just the whole thought of having to deal with anything that requires a lovely needle (the little prick!!).

On top of that I’ve had a lot of grief with my wisdom tooth. But without going into too much detail here, its finally getting the pull next week.. lets just say that I’ve never been so excited to take a trip to the dentist, and I visit this place a lot with my Invisalign! 

On the plus side of all of this, I have been taking my capsules every single day for the past 5 weeks and I can honestly say that I have seen some vast improvements. Obviously you cant see all of these results over a blog post so I could just lie through my teeth about it, but then I would only be kidding myself and really, I have no time for that. 

The one thing I have really noticed is my nails. I have battled with brittle nails for years. It probably doesn’t help that I used to wear acrylics for many years plus a load of nail polish which has slightly stained them (and I’m not even a smoker!). I work in an office with people who see my hands all the time, so its important for me to have clean looking, healthy nails. Next time I will upload a picture but if you could see the difference I think you would be as shocked as I am. They are stronger to touch, no broken ends or overlapping which makes it look like you have 5 nails growing in different directions!!

Another thing I’m going to mention is my skin. As I’ve said on social media before, I have had issues with acne since I was about 15 years old. It’s never been that bad but its never really gone away and especially since I’m in my 30’s you hope to think that something like this only hung around in your teens. Of course my party lifestyle has certainly not helped this but I’ve always drank a ton of water, eaten well and cleaned my face twice a day. I also don’t wear heavy makeup because its just too much effort (I’m no Kim K alright).

Now when I look in the mirror I see way less spots and my skin is kind of glowing?! In fact, one of my managers at work mentioned it to me the other day which totally took me by surprise.

Lastly, I want to talk about my sleeping and energy levels. I’ve never had a problem with getting some shuteye, sometimes I can sleep for marathons like 13 hours and think nothing of it. These days I have no time to sleep like that but it’s more the waking up in the middle of the night and dealing with disturbed sleeping patterns. I’m not sure if this is caused from over thinking about everything but never-the-less this seems to be improving. I certainly don’t feel as tired during the day and thats even after a heavy drinking session at the weekend… which brings me to another point.

Recovery. While I normally feel like a bag of puss for 2 days after, it only seems lately that I’m feeling back to my normal self within a day. Now I might be overdoing it here but the fact that I have been to Ibiza and attended quite a fair amount of my boyfriends DJ gigs in the past few weeks, means I’ve got some hard evidence to back this up. 

Finally, I have to mention that I purchased a smoothie machine at work (much to my excitement) so I can make use of my complete powders in vanilla and chocolate. I’m now make use of this everyday, whether it be a breakfast smoothie with banana and oats or an afternoon snack before a workout with peanut butter and chocolate. I can’t tell you how good these really taste and I reckon I’ll have everyone at work on them in no time 🙂

These are by no way a meal replacements, I don’t really believe in replacing ALL solid foods and I certainly don’t need to be loosing a heap of weight being a smaller size. I just think its great to mix things up a little, in particular when those sugar cravings decide to creep up in the afternoon!! 

So that’s it. This may not apply to some and I get everyone has different opinions, but this is just me being very honest and hopefully encouraging a few to have a think about their well being. You don’t need to make dramatic changes to see results, its all about taking the first steps and making a few lifestyle adjustments. My mind is always open when it comes to making improvements in whatever aspect of my life that could be. We all want what is best for ourselves but sometimes it can be hard and scary to say hey, yeah lets do this!





Waxy Lemon’s Rolling stock BBQ

Sunday afternoon, East London, Sunshine, BBQ’s – Need I say more?

After finally getting around to posting this, I couldn’t help but feel emotional that the UK summer is now coming to a close… but hey, its been a pretty jam packed one with lots of glorious holidays abroad and plenty of memorable events, so one mustn’t complain too much. 

…….So back to that one fine bank holiday weekend afternoon where BBQ’s were in and the grey skies were never to be seen (well for most of it anyway)

I want to firstly say a big thank you to Devante and his astute team for putting on the goods and also inviting me along – I’m talking delicious burgers, cool beverages and well, tequila?!

Lets not get into that part just yet shall we 🙂

I had invited a couple of friends to join me, which was rather lovely that all of them could make the effort and come down as the money raised from the event was going towards a good cause (always what I love to hear) and even though the sun only had a glimpses of rays, the drinks were flowing nicely and the smell of hearty bbq food was lingering in the air.

The venue itself is rather cool if I might add. For those who are familiar with the area, you may have heard of it.. so does Rolling stock bar ring any bells? The venue offers alfresco and indoor space, there is also a kitchen, DJ booth and some very creative artwork on display. It gave off a real lively vibe without seeming too hipster nor trashy. 

As part of the deal we were offered a bottle of vino on arrival – white or red or you could opt to have the bucket of beers and of course, one big juicy burger with all the trimmings.

On the menu, was a few options of mega good looking burgers. I decided to go for the jerk after inhaling all of the spices before eagerly awaiting its arrival to the table. It also included a generous side of chips, beautiful corn on the cob and crunchy slaw. My friends had a mixture of the Waxy lemons burger which was beef with red onion marmalade and the veggie, vegan option which meant the menu was very accommodating to everyones needs! 

After feeling so full up we were offered a round of tequila shots, which honestly sounded like a good idea at the time….(come on, we’ve all been there), however this may have created a little bit of a party atmosphere which was then quickly scuttled inside and just in time for the DJ to break out into some house tunes. (including the obligatory dance moves)

I don’t think i’ll need to carry on from here as we all know how the story goes or ends 😉 lets just say that plenty of fun was had, lots of yummy food indulged and a few too many raspberries were sipped, but this is life and as they say, it is here to be lived.

If your interested in getting in touch with Devante Malone please contact him at the below website, he is the founder of Waxy Lemons, a culinary pop up brand serving innovative and delectable dishes made with everyone’s taste in mind. 


Phone: +44 7960 821 822 
Email: info@waxylemons.co.uk


The Blondoner’s Health Journal (A new chapter)

***A Little Announcement***


So ladies and gents, a bit of an update on me and what I’ve been up to lately. As always, there is so much going on and never really enough time to focus on myself or taking the time to improve on important things, like my health (balancing etc). Living in London can really take its toll and lately I have been feeling exhausted, lethargic, anxious, with constant spotty skin. Not ideal!


As you would have gathered by now, I’ve always been into working since I was young and a bit of a health buff, but its taken a back seat of late and now I feel it’s time to take some action!


Thats when I was introduced to these bad boys. I like to call it *goodness in a jar*! Not only are the benefits amazing, there is a long list of fruit and veggies contained inside little bean. I’m pretty excited to start this journey, so much so, that I’ve decided to start a health journal to keep all my followers up to date with my progress. Of course, there will still be updates of restaurants and the odd cocktail but for now its time to focus on feeling good as well as enjoying a balanced lifestyle! 



The Bletchley – Cracking codes in SW1

One of the things I adore about London is the variety of activities to choose from and how each experience is so unique and different from the next one. In particular, these so called ‘hidden’ bars and secret pop-ups…

Now you’re talking my language.

It has become an increasingly popular trend in Europe and one I think will never die out. After all, its all about getting amongst the next best thing and London certainly rises to the occasion. 

…..Which leads me to talk about my next ‘underground’ secret experience, tucked away in the beautiful western suburbs and just shy of the Worlds End (pretty close to the market in fact but you didn’t hear any of this information from me) you’ll find a random door which leads you down to dark staircase and straight into the Bletchley Park bunker… well not quite but be prepared to put your agent hat on and ready to crack some codes. 

After their huge success with the Breaking Bad bar ABQ, its not a wonder that their next venture is the talk of the summer, so I wanted to see for myself, what all the fuss was about. 

For those that aren’t up to speed, Bletchley Park was the central site for British code breakers during World War II. It housed the Government Code and Cypher School and also featured on the Imitation game film when computer pioneer, Alan Turing and his team helped to shorten the Second World War by cracking the Enigma code. 

Firstly, I will point out that we were able to use the WW2 Enigma machines (very cool) which took a little bit of getting used to, but you must read the instructions carefully (not like I did) none of this fiddling about and pushing all the keys (I know its rather tempting).

You will be greeted with a pre cocktail, a pencil, paper and a a bucket of test tubes full of all sorts of concoctions. Oh and of course, how can I forget, a rather unfitting military green jacket that you must wear at all times 😉 apart from being slightly too big on me and not very suitable on a sweltering hot day, I thought it was pretty stylish attire. 

Without trying to give too much away, you will be asked a number of questions along the way (be prepared with plenty of imagination) which will be both in person and over the radio. You might be asked what your favourite colour is or favourite cuisine type, but I will leave this one a mystery so you can complete your mission without too many complimentary clues. 

I can say that you will be given a few cryptic beverages throughout the mission (cracking codes is seriously thirsty work) and you might meet some friends along the way (there a friendly bunch down there) and I can definitely guarantee an awesome time no matter what age you are! 

You can purchase your tickets here – www.thebletchley.co.uk

******Special thanks to Agent Orange (Emma) for completing this mission with me – I couldn’t have done it without you!*******

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