Can’t get enough of the Taste of London

Well, we all know how much I went on and on about last years successful event. A combination of mega amazing food, open air park surroundings, blissful music and enough cocktails to keep you content for a lifetime……



Firstly, just to get this one small moan out of the way – I would like to say how un-impressed I was by the gloomy, rainy weather. It would have been a nice touch having some rays of sunshine peering through those clouds but no, that would have been far too much to ask wouldn’t it. 🙂


Anyway, since thats off my chest, we should move on to the more important stuff, like champagne and salted caramel Oreo cakes and…



(Munching our way around)

For those who haven’t experienced the Taste of London, then there’s clearly something not right with you.


But really, after the many years it already has under its belt, it really has become one of the most popular food festivals in the UK and lets hope its still going strong in the many more years to come.



Its always an overwhelming feeling when you walk into a festival with so much going on. I never know which way to turn or where to start. It can almost be a little tortuous if you get what I mean here?

I decided to bring my boyfriend along, who isn’t quite as mad about food as I am, or more to the point doesn’t understand why I worship it so much, but heres the thing, food isn’t just about eating it. No no; it actually is a very social part of life. It brings people together and makes us feel good inside.

AMEN to that.



It was great to see a lot of vendors that had returned from the year before, in particular my friends at La di da sweet treats (after spending so much time trying to locate them!) and to try out all their new delicious treats on offer. I cant say I was left disappointed with the explosion of sweetness or variety. It was a difficult decision to choose a favourite!



Another one I couldn’t take my eyes off of while walking past was Chase distillery. They happened to be serving up some pretty hypnotic gin based cocktails so one just had to try their rhubard number.

Absolutely smashing darlings!




After almost forgetting about eating (hello what are we here for!), we immediately made a dash out of patch of rain and onto a couple of the restaurant tents that were on my list to try.

Although it would have been great to have a bash at everything, its just not possible with all the liquid consumption on top of it. Sigh. 


Champor, champor – my choice was the soft shell crab taco with chilli. I am a big fan of the soft shell crab at the moment. So much so that i’ve found myself ordering from dozens of restaurants on a number of occasions.  I liked the fact that this dish was slightly different with the taco combo, it was definitely a dish worth having a taste. And of course, packed with loads of chilli flavour.

Thats what im talking about!




Bubbledogs – Ahh I just adore this restaurant. If you haven’t been, please do. Its basically champagne and hotdogs and theres always a line up to get in there, it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is. (you’ve been warned)

I decided to have the Horny devils which were sweetcorn fritter balls filled with jalepenos and cheddar cheese. I think I may have scoffed these in about 1 minute. That good.

Nick had the mini hotdog which would have been my second choice, seeing that hotdogs are their speciality 🙂



Heddon Street Kitchen – absolutely loved the ice cream bar idea they had displayed with delightful looking sweets. And even though it was a simple ice cream kind of dessert, it was great to be in control by sprinkling your own toppings, while going a little overboard, just like you did when you were a kid. 



Typing room – Still a firm favourite of mine, hands down. I was very enthusiastic to see what they had cooking and being on the Thursday it was the only day they were showcasing throughout the festival, so I counted myself pretty lucky in that regard.

As it was nearing to the end of the day, I was starting to struggle, but typically with my eyes being bigger than my belly, I was set on the BBQ lamb rump with tomato and green olive, which was definitely not a let down. The tomatoes were just gorgeous and the meat, juicy and tender.  




After a few hours of being greedy guttsers, it was time for a rest, while indulging in a refreshing London Dry gin & tonic to finish off the evening. Truth by told, its actually quite exhausting eating and drinking for hours on end and especially after being on your feet for most of the day……. BUT, you know I wouldn’t have it any other way! 


Thanks to the Taste of London for letting me cover the event this year. For those who missed out on this one, I would highly recommend the Festive Edition being held at Tobacco Dock in November. Im already looking forward to this (without getting too ahead of myself here – lets get summer over with first!). 

Pls note – dishes range from £3-10 each and you can pay by contact-less card or cash. 

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  1. I love reading your blogs Steph. You just want to be there! And as for crab- Yum.

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