Camden din dins @ Gilgamesh


I’ve always wanted to check out this Asian inspired restaurant located in the hustle and bustle of Camden Stables Market. The place itself is very deceiving from the front entrance with only a very narrow escalator in sight and dramatic designed walls leading to the front of house.  Once inside you do then realise how ridiculously enormous it really is. 





We had a lovely booth next to the window with a view of the train rolling past and even a few waves from the driver! Decorated with red petals and candles, our waiter was there to greet us very swiftly and walk us through the menu options on offer. I was impressed that one of the first questions they asked was about food allergies and were very flexible on working around the menu to accommodate those with difficult intolerances.


We all went for the 4 course set menu which seemed unbelievable inexpensive compared to the variety of food that was listed. I’m definitely warming to the set menu style as I get older and becoming more familiar with different variations.  Normally anything over 4 courses is way to much for me however I am big on wine degustation dinners or if the courses are tasting sizes only.





First up for the starter was the spicy tuna roll (sushi) with wasabi and lime salmon.  The Tuna was tasty with a nice drop of the wasabi caviar and foam to leave a lingering sensation on the tip of my tongue.

Main course was a very exciting moment for me as I have not had a curry in years and probably some would say a bit ‘sad’ that I had restrained myself from eating this dish for some time.  So here it was.  My all time favourite red duck curry. Mixed with pea aubergine and mint leaf, I don’t know whether it was because I was so hungry by this stage or the fact that it had been so long but anyway it hit the spot oh so wonderfully.

Although not the best ive ever had but it did the job. 






For the sides we had a choice of the all important spinach and watercress with extra sticky rice presented in a pretty lotus leaf. I will note that there was more than enough to be shared around the table.

Wine to accompany was a satisfying drop of red from the French  Very easy to drink I might add and we all agreed that it was a fantastic wine considering how reasonable the price was.

Last but not least we were given the dessert item which happened to be a banana and walnut muffin with a small serving of tropical sorbet in a vanilla waffle. Cant say I was wowed by it. My expectations of the last and best course of a dinner menu have become increasingly high over the years and I have been blown away by some incredible dishes.  Sadly this was not one of them.  The muffin was light and fluffy but I was really hoping it was going to be more chocolate inspired.








Overall I was impressed by how polite and diligent the staff were at all times. Assuming because it was a Monday eve that it wasnt quite as buzzy or busy as what a Friday or Saturday night would expect to be but this evening was more about the company then it was about the ambiance.

Well known as one of the better restaurants to dine at in the area, if you can get out of Camden Station and dodge the hundreds of people along the way then definitely pop in and check it out for yourself. Oh I also failed to mention that there is a pretty hip bar next door to the restaurant which serves a decent amount of yummy cocktails im told.


Happy eating!

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