Camden Beer & Food pairing @The Oyster Shed, London

My gorgeous friend Emma invited me and a number of her friends to a beer and food pairing event that she had kindly organised at the Oyster shed. Im not one for hanging out at city bars but she had been persistent in getting me to come along and have a drink for months until finally this event arised and on this occasion I happily obliged.

For those who havent had the pleasure of visiting the modern riverfront venue overlooking the Thames and London Bridge, then I think you should definitely get yourself down there one night after work if its a nice evening. Preferrably in the summertime is recommended and when that glorious sunshine eventually appears for us so you can sit, enjoy and bask over a lovely glass or two.

Once inside I absolutely loved the vintage inspired decor with cosy armchairs and dramatic floor to ceiling windows with plenty of natural light. 

camden beers


The menu was handed to me and as per normal my stomach was gagging for food so I couldn’t wait to check out what was on offer.  Camden Brewery supplied the five different types of beers and the Oyster Shed with the broad assortment of tasting dishes ranging from lemon drizzled Haddock, goats cheese tarts, scrumptious onion marmalade burgers and always a goody – the pork belly with apple sauce.  The decadent chocolate brownie which was the last dish which was paired pretty well with the matching ‘Triple’ beer. 

If I had to choose which beer was my favourite of the night I would have to go for the first one called the USA. Probably the easiest out of the bunch to drink and with a surprising hint of fruitiness to it.  


oyster shed food 2


oyster shed food

As ive probably mentioned in previous posts I am not a massive beer drinker but I would definitely be interested in more types of events like this in the near future. It never crossed my mind to match up the drop of hops with abit of food as it’s always been about a glass of fine wine with a nice serving of steak or abit of blue cheese and assorted breads.

I’m quite liking this idea very much.

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  1. Sophie says:

    How good did the food look with the beers?!? Nice one Emma!

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