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After only being back in Australia for a few days, I knew my birthday was looming around the corner and I wanted to find somewhere extra special as a welcome back treat for myself. A few friends had suggested numerous places but the one that had stood out for me was in an extraordinary location, located in Custom House on the 5th floor and offering some of the best views a girl could possibly ask for!

Cafe Sydney, I’m advised, is famously known for its extensive wine list, outstanding menu and breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour bridge. I had asked a friend to join me for lunch as she has just moved from the UK also and I felt a fine dining, memorable experience was in need for the pair of us! It was scorching hot that day and although it would have been cooler inside with some nice air-conditioning, I was not passing up the chance to perch on the alfresco style balcony, looking out to some pretty iconic architecture and glistening water of the harbour. I quite liked the fact that paper fans were provided at the table, as a small momentum to take away with you, which is such a nice touch (and a brilliant idea in the heat).

Once we were seated, I ordered us a bottle of riesling called Stargazer from Tasmania, since I knew we were eating salads and fish today, I wanted something slightly lighter than the usual Sav blanc. After living in the UK for 7 years, all I’ve been drinking is either French, Austrian or German so I’m pretty excited to explore the many wine regions that Australia has to offer (and there are plenty!) 

To start I was pretty keen to order some oysters, as Australia is known for its amazingly fresh seafood and since it had been quite sometime since I had eaten shell fish after my little mishap in Europe, it just had to be done!! The Sydney rock & Pacific oysters are equally both on par as far as delishness is concerned and freshly shucked with a pinot grigio vinegar to drizzle over. YUMMO.


Carmen and I shared a couple of appetizers together since it was such a hot day, my appetite wasn’t up to its usual standard of wanting to gorge as much food as possible 😉

The peach and goats cheese salad was exquisite and so perfectly light for eating on a summers day (actually Autumn but you get what I mean here) 

I had the Salt cod croquette with zucchini flower, poached prawn and accompanied with a lemon parsley dressing which was absolutely divine and well presented! I had been craving stuffed zucchini flowers for so long as this is something you don’t see in many restaurants in the UK (if not at all) so as you can imagine, every bite was thoroughly savoured. 

We also ordered a side of spinach and goats cheese naan bread which seemed a little strange to me since we weren’t eating any indian cuisine and to be honest, I generally avoid it with being super oily BUT boy oh boy did this redeem itself. I don’t think I’ve ever tasted naan bread is good as that before so I guess i’ll take everything i’ve said back on this one occasion. 

And last but not least, as I ALWAYS state in my reviews – the best part of the meal – DESSERT!!

They had five options to choose from and obviously I had to go for the salted caramel, banana fritter, chocolate peanut tart and ice cream option (not a hard decision there). You’re probably thinking that is going to be ridiculously sweet but to be honest, it wasn’t a huge portion, just the right size without feeling like you’ve basically eaten a bowl of sugar (no thank you). 


I’d have to say my favourite part of this dish, was the banana wrapped around in what seemed like a cinnamon donut – super lush on every level. 

Carmen had the coconut panna cotta, caramalised pineapple, coconut and passionfruit sorbet – a slightly healthier option to what I had chosen, however it still provided some highly rateable flavours. These days, I love anything with coconut in the ingredients, you just cant go wrong with it, especially in a dessert. 

So to summarise, I’m thrilled to have dined at this beautiful restaurant for my birthday. It literally made our day – an exceptional experience for the both of us, which was really appreciated from start to finish. The service was to a very high standard with friendly, polished and knowledgable waiters; the venue itself was sophisticated, very instagramable and a perfect spot for any special occasion – I highly recommend you check it out. 








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  1. What fantastic views! All the seafood looks delicious.

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