Burgers that make you Shake Rattle & Roll

Okay, so you wouldn’t exactly strike me as being a burger obsessed kind of girl and you’re right, it is not something I eat on a daily basis. As you know, I love all types of food, from every different nation and I’ve learnt to appreciate the outstanding and eliminate the absolute rubbish.

Im a girl who knows what I want.


In saying that, I do know a good burger when I see one 🙂

We all know when it comes to the meaty patty and bun that its not all about how high they are stacked. It all comes down to taste and that unique, memorable flavour. In the past few years ive seen how competitive its gotten, the burger craze they call it, and I guess you’d be crazy not to get involved, as there is plenty of creative, munch worthy burgers on offering around the capital and across the globe.


When I was asked to come and review the ‘Cheddarstack’ burger from the popular American restaurant chain, I had to jump on board and find out just why, everyone was raving so highly about it.



The Shake Shack currently have 3 locations operating in London. The longest standing in Covent Garden, which guaranteed, always has a massive queue around the corner (always a good sign!). On this occasion I visited the New Oxford Street venue and I believe this is one of their latest. Its surprisingly bigger than what I had imagined, with wooden text-tiled walls and stone pillars, it also displays the distinctive green burger logo, large menu board and open kitchen for the public to view.

Ordering is easy peasy, you wait in line, order to your preferences, then you’re given a buzzer type remote that will let off some vibrations as and when your food is ready. As well as the burger, we were given the crinkly fries (Nick had his with a heavy drizzling of melting cheese) and a drink of choice. I was recommended the peach lemonade which is definitely what I would call a ‘Steph’ kind of drink. 


The ‘Cheddarstack’ burger is filled with 100% all-natural Aberdeen Angus beef topped with double British free range Wiltshire cured smoked bacon and Shack cheddar cheese sauce. It was also featured at the Taste of London festival and I can see will be a hit for all those meat eating lovers out there.

I would normally stick to a boring hamburger with a bit of lettuce and gherkin but this I didn’t mind at all. It actually does have some decent flavours going on, and of course that sweet fluffy tasting bun which in my opinion, can make or break a burger.

True story.


We were also lucky enough to be given a very self indulgent dessert, which I was eyeing off before I had even seen anything else on the menu. But cut me some slack here because anyone in their right mind would be stupid if they didn’t fall for the words – chocolate custard, St John Bakery, hazelnut brownie with peanut butter sauce and banana! (quite a mouthful!)




A big thumbs up to the Shake Shack for making me feel welcomed into your restaurant. Quality food, thats no fuss, affordable and definitely as good as everyone claims it to be – that I can vouch for now! 



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