Bunga Bunga Birthday bash & club launch!

Bunga Bunga = crazy, wacky, obscene, loud, intense, bonkers… SO MUCH FUN!

There isn’t a place quite like it. Well, in London we all know there are a number of quirky spots hidden around town but when it comes to the Inception groups venues, plenty of thought and imagine HAS been spared.

Bunga Bunga was launched in 2011 by dynamic duo Duncan Stirling and Charlie Gilkes. Deriving its name from Italy’s most titillating joke, this tongue-in-cheek bar and pizzeria serves authentic cocktails and cuisine in a vibrant space dedicated to Italy’s finest icons.


Circle 5 years later and taking over the two top floors of the venue, you now have Club Bunga.  Inspired by the glamour of old school Italy it features the statue of David drinking vessels, large Roman statues, inscribed wall murals and decked out in the iconic bright stripes in true Italian style.




On Thursday 8th September, I was I was invited to come along to the club launch and birthday extravaganza and boy oh boy I did not walk away disappointed! 




I invited my boyfriend and my friend, Charlotte, knowing fully well that they would be up for lets say, a night not for the faint hearted 🙂 As we entered, we were greeted with two types of cocktails – From Italy with love and Martini Sbagliato plus of course, loads of flowing prosecco. Placed around the floors were buckets of Peroni, a prosciutto carving station (which BTW was incredible!) and the biggest block of parmesan cheese cut into little pieces and covered in mini Italian flags. Lovely.




The place was absolutely rammed, my guess it was mostly locals from Chelsea and Battersea, and the usual press followed by a handful of celebrities. Which by the way have frequented this place on a number of occasions, including fellow Gold Coaster and beauty Margot Robbie and Prince party Harry.



Bunga’s signature canapés were served downstairs throughout the evening and included the traditional bruschetta, mini pizzas and these delicious fried cheese filled balls which I had to gently remove myself away from (post holiday diet not going so well).



Upstairs, we were intrigued to check out the L’Osservatorio (thats a conservatory if you’re English) which had the Peroni cocktail making masterclass going on being by Bunga’s leading bar tenders. Of course, we wanted in and managed to squeeze in the last spot of the evening. I always enjoy a cocktail class and if there is something I have learned, it is to always listen and follow the instructions put in front of you…well you would think that this would be easy enough to follow for most but there is always one in the group that likes to break the rules (Nick Coles) 🙂



After a fairly useless attempt at making two cocktails, we stumbled across a a very old school photo booth hidden to the right of the top of the stairs and adjacent to the club, which was heaving with party goers. I wasn’t too keen to try my luck and push my way in, so we decided to head back downstairs to the prosecco bar to order another round of drinks and watch a singing nun strip down to something rather erotic (I told you this place wasn’t for the faint hearted). 





We ordered one of my favourite poisons – the pornstar martini and finally found a place to perch while appreciating the light entertainment and crazy vibe surrounding us…..

And if that wasn’t enough for us, we decided to explore the restaurant downstairs again and the first thing I notice is a flamboyant drag queen singing karaoke on stage, followed by dozens of sparklers carried by the waitstaff, a huge birthday cake and wave of confetti which covered the flare tenders dancing on the bar in their blue and white stripped attire. 






Madness I tell you!! 

Anyway for those who are up for a damn good night out or even if you love your brunches or foot long pizzas (worth mentioning as they are exceptional), then this vibrant Italian pizzeria has your name written all over it. 


37 Battersea Bridge Road, SW11 3BA

Tel: 020 7095 0360

Club Bunga

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