Brunching at Bronte – new kid on the block!


Bronte, located on the Strand, is a hop, skip and a jump from the very famous landmark known as Trafalgar Square and right in the heart and soul of the city. Only recently opened, its pacific style menu and beautiful interior decor by British designer, Tom Dixon, quickly drew my attention and I was most thrilled about having the chance to review their eye catching brunch menu. 



I invited my friend Emma along, who is a fellow foodie, born and bread Australian and knows a good thing when she’s seen one (hence why I asked her to join me). And without sounding too obvious here, this was reviewed on a Saturday since brunch is purely designed for the weekends.. but hey its good to point these things out in the beginning.  




When I first arrived to the restaurant, my first impression went a bit like “wow wee, this is very upscale” followed by a lot of gazing… lets just say it was most pleasing to the eye.

The interior was 100 % me all over. With pretty pale pinks, deep forest green leather booths, custom made chairs of tweed and valiant lighting, it almost was a little on the retro side and channelling the 1970’s look if you like. 



On top of this, it’s a very sizeable venue ,that seats up to 250 people. This includes the outdoor covered in patio, the front chic cocktail bar and the downstairs which is where we were seated. (and also has another long bar). There is even room upstairs which can be hired out for private events. 




Now on to the best part – the menu! I was ready to eat a horse at this point so being able to squeeze a couple of dishes in was looking pretty realistic. 

One thing to notice about this menu is that there are a fair few items that have a lot of healthy elements to them. For example, I order the chia and quinoa porridge – big fan of both of these ingredients and with the berry compote on top, followed by a dash of almond milk, it was so much better than I had imagined. I dont mind porridge but it can be very dull and stodgy, unless of course you get creative with it. I’d have to say that this was a cracker. I loved every mouth full and it was extremely filling plus very healthy on the hips. (I probably didn’t need that second dish)



They also have a very fine looking smoothie and juice menu and since I was being a good little girl, I was keen to try something non-alcoholic, with nutritional benefits, so the Kiki Ping was chosen (love the name). 



Accompanied with that, was the banana French toast. THIS. WAS. MIND BLOWING. Have you ever had thick slices of banana loaf, topped with sugar cured bacon, ginger jam, rhubarb and greek yoghurt?! I didn’t think so 🙂 I actually cant even describe just how scrumptious this really was. In fact my pictures don’t do it any justice. We are definitely talking top 10 here. 

Emma went for a slightly different taste on the palate –  savoury and perhaps more traditional for a brunch. 



Opting for the smashed avocado, creamy poached eggs with wilted baby spinach, heritage tommies on crusty sourdough; she told me that everything on the plate was perfectly cooked and would be an extremely likeable dish for most. 



I was fairly intrigued with the truffled wild mushroom which was dressed in white miso and and plated with some more sourdough bread. Definitely moorish in my opinion, but you cant really go wrong when it comes to truffles. The strong intense flavours are just so enticing, its a bit like my love for chilli. I just don’t know how I could cook without it! Or is that life without it…



Feeling ridiculously full to the brim, the only thing I could possibly fit in was a flat white coffee, while sitting back and realising just how pleasant that experience really was. 




Now before I go, you’re probably thinking that this place sounds mega pricey but you would actually be very wrong. The prices are seriously so reasonable and equally justifiable to the quality of every dish. Head Chef Andrew Lassetter has done an outstanding job creating a wholesome yet creative menu and for that, I would willingly come back here and eat again. 


Bronte – gladly serving you for Brunch, Lunch, Dinner & Cocktails




The Grand Building
1–3 Strand

London, WC2N 5EJ

020 7930 8855
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  1. marie Collins says:

    Looks and sounds divine!

  2. Bronte looks fabulous, I’ll definitely have to add this to my to-do list, everything looks yummy. That banana french toast sounds (and looks) delightful!

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