Brunch munch at Eelbrook, Fulham


Centrally located in Fulham, on the fashionable New Kings Road and overlooking the leafy southeast side of the common, sits this charming new restaurant in SW6.


As I am only a two-minute walk away (not even kidding it could be 1 minute) I was eagerly keen to try out this brand spanking local eatery for a spot of brunch. Well technically lunch after we waited patiently for the Made in Chelsea crew to finishing filming in there for the morning. Yes you heard right, this place has been apart of media stardom in a few MIC scenes already and im sure it wont be the last.




Browsing through the menu, there wasn’t as much choose for the morning as what I had imagined however the spicy bloody Mary that was served to begin with did assure me that the food was going to be as equally good. I order the Baked Tilley’s eggs. I always have a tendency of going for the good old smoked salmon option but to be honest I can have that at home any day of the week and as they say, variety is the spice of life.





The one thing I must point out is the fact the waitress was courteous enough to let me know how long my order was going to be. I don’t believe I have had this sort of service for quite some time. Tick.




So did I mention how damn good those eggs were? Spot on is more the word im looking for here. Theres something about tomato and yoghurt mixed together that gives out an overpowering yet unbelievably amazing taste. Hugely spicy which is also another big tick. Cant get enough of this I tell you.




My eye had been wandering as I walked past all the freshly baked cakes sitting pretty on the open counter top on the way in, so I really couldn’t pass up the idea of going without. AS IF.

Coconut & chocolate loaf was the pick and still melting as I cut it apart. Not bad but a very generous piece was probably a tad too adventurous after a rich meal. Of course I still ate.. ALL OF IT 🙂




This wonderfully modern restaurant boasts an ultra stylish interior by Hakkasan Las Vegas designer, Haruo Morishima.  Offering both a mixture of British and Mediterranean dishes, I will also mention that it is equipped with a heated terrace, giving you the option of going al-fresco all year around. What more could you possibly ask for?  Well go and find out for yourself. The staff are all super friendly and will make you feel right at home.


Happy eating!




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