Brooklyn Bowling & Food. Lotsa Food.

I really can’t remember the last time I went bowling. So much so that Id forgotten just how much fun it really is.



Introducing Brooklyn Bowl at the O2 North Greenwich. This location is huge and a bit of a hidden secret if you ask me.




I was invited to come along and try out their new ‘Elvis inspired menu’ with a cheeky side of bowling. What more could a girl want on a Wednesday night? Ahh yes a glass of wine in hand – silly me! 



Just to give a short rundown, BB has been opened since January 2014 and is sister venue to the Brooklyn Bowl New York which is renowned for being quite the music venue.  Inside is big. Taking up to 1000 people for a concert, 12 lanes of bowling and certainly ‘superior’ as far as their food standards are concerned. Definitely not your average ‘bowling alley’ greasy food that you would normally have to put up with. These guys use New York restaurateur, Blue Ribbon. Fancy





Dont forget the fact that it is also a live music venue, with performances from some big names in the industry including Ms. Lauryn Hill, Pharrell Williams, Grandmaster Flash and The Dandy Warhols.  During the week they have their own rock n roll band banging out the tunes and enough to make you ‘shake, rattle and roll’ on that dance floor.



This definitely separates them from other bowling alleys and I would have to say is the only venue of its kind in London.



Now time to get stuck into this gorgeous food. As Elvis would say, a little less conversation a little more…. EATING. Think southern home cooking from the depths of Tennessee, classic comfort meals, rich in flavours and enjoyed all year round.



Loading my plate with enough to feed a family for an evening, I devoured through some seriously moorish food.



Fried chicken with a drizzling of sweet honey, meat loaf cooked to perfection with a tomato glaze and mini pulled pork sliders. Are you salivating yet because you should be….. If you’re after an epic sandwich the ‘King’ is one you must try. Thick white bread with banana, lashings of peanut butter and grilled in silky butter. This is ridiculously naughty but way to amazing to pass up on.


Speaking of sweet, it didn’t end there. But wait there’s more? Hooray they say.

Pecan Pie southern style. A massively popular delicacy in the US and a favourite of mine always wins people over, every time. Did someone say seconds? The peach cobbler is another sweet that is sure to sweep you off your feet! Made with fluffy dumping dough and preserved juicy peaches, would go down very nicely with some warm vanilla bean custard.



Of course I saved the best to last to share with you all.  A classic southern staple  Chili served with Maple Buttered Cornbread. Working with the Blue Ribbon secret recipe, freshly baked cornbread with notes of spice and sweetness make this dish a delightful winter warmer. Pair that with the Shake, rattle and roll milkshake and you will be on cloud nine. Next level!!



Their menu offers plenty of other hearty options as well as yummy cocktails (which I can confirm are up to my standards!) from the popular frozen margarita, house wines and local beers.




After all that food I could barely move but I got on my blue suede shoes I mean bowling shoes and was hoping to not make such a fool of myself, after all it had been a while and I needed to brush up on my bowling skills or lack there of more like it.

Brooklyn Bowl launch at 02 Arena, London, Britain - 16 Jan 2014


Brooklyn bowl is a rad venue, a great excuse to get some of your pals together for a casual, amusing night out whether its bowling that takes your fancy, eating or listening to some of your favourite music artists – they have it all.




You can find them here –

The O2, Peninsula Square, London SE10 0DX
Tel: 020 7412 8778




***This is a sponsored post and of course all views are my own****


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