Bourbon & Ribs @ Barbecoa

If the darker liquor takes your fancy and you love getting your hands dirty, then feast your eyes on this London city hotspot owned by one of my all time favourite chefs, Jamie Oliver.


Their new menu which showcases succulent ribs which have been nicely paired with some classic bourbon masterpieces, enough to make you go weak at the knees and say yes please!



If you haven’t had the chance to grab a feed from this place yet, then what are you doing?! I should let you in on a little secret. You see it doesn’t just offer a fabulous array of food & delectable¬†cocktails.

Intrigued? Well put it this way, If your’e lucky enough (like me) to have nabbed the best seat in the house with a view of a very famous Cathedral then you probably already know what I am talking about, so I wont continue on here ūüôā




The evening got underway with some larger than life buttery green olives chilled on ice accompanied with a delightful glass of bubbles and Grande Kentucky bourbon to get into the swing of things. I’ll admit that Im not really a huge bourbon drinker. I used to drink it like it was going out of fashion in my young twenties but as ive gotten older the preference is for the whiter spirits.¬†

Following this was what looked like a small serving of ribs and a side of slaw. They call this the Korean baby back. Chased with some refreshing pilsner beer and a shot of you guessed it, bourbon. These ribs were to die for! The spices were mind blowing, my eyes & nose were running like a tap (sorry for the image) but I just couldn’t stop chomping mouthful after mouthful. I can totally understand the size of the portions now. You certainly don’t need too many of these babies. ‘Feeling hot hot hot’!





This third beverage to be presented at the table was exceptional Рfour roses single barrel, straight on the rocks. BOOM.  Out come another plate of worcestershire glazed short ribs, a dollop of mishy mash, a few sides thrown in of creamy spinach and bouncy mushrooms to keep the belly satisfied. 









My eyes went ‘ding’ when I saw the sticky toffee bourbon pudding. Now ive had many a toffee pudd in my time and most have either been stodgy or far too rich for my liking. You’ll be glad to hear that this was not the case with this one. Actually very light and fluffy in texture, with a combination of the sweetness from the sauce and don’t forget some milky white ice cream to finish it off nicely (just wouldn’t be the same without it ahe). If you must know we had a glass of Blantons Gold which my friend and whiskey connoisseur,¬†Emma said she rated highly out of the four. Okay then.





Being a Monday night I was surprised by how full the restaurant was. Not one free table in sight… although I do keep forgetting this is London, people go out almost any night of the week. ¬†Oozing with after work peeps, it totally screams city but with a very relaxed kinda vibe.




If you’ve got a large appetite and are after some tasty dishes that pack a punch you may just want to swing by this part of town and treat yourself. With staff on board like Josephine & her extensive knowledge of the whole entire menu (out standing I must say) I have no doubts that you will be looked after very well.




Deets yeah –

One New Change, 20 New Change, London EC4M 9AG

Tel: 020 3005 8555 (bookings essential)





*this is one of those sponsored post and of course all views are my own*

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