Bombay Gin Masterclass – Friday 16th May



Binge drinking isn’t anything new. The Gin Craze that swept 18th century London spawned as many social problems and fuelled as much public outcry as anything we read about in the papers today.  In over-crowded, slum-ridden Georgian London, gin was the opium of the people.  For a few pennies, London’s poor found entertainment and escapism from cold and hunger at the bottom of a glass. In 1730, around 10 million gallons of gin were being distilled in the Capital each year and sold from 7,000 dram shops.  In fact, it’s estimated that the average Londoner drank a staggering 14 gallons of the stuff a year.





All of this aside I was intrigued to learn what a “gin masterclass” was all about. I was welcomed into the boardroom style room by our cheery and bubbly host, Sean who tells me he is the ambassador for Bombay Sapphire Gin in Europe.  He offered us a very large glass of gin and tonic with a dash of lime and later we were joined by a dozen other peeps and were all asked to take a seat, shut up, pay attention and listen. Bombay gin is enjoyed in more than 120 countries and is the world’s fastest growing premium gin. 














I was very surprised to learn that Gin is actually made up of many different ‘perfume’ scents and actual flavouring of the drink comes from a recipe of ten ingredients (which the bottle’s label boasts as “10 exotic botanicals”) These key ingredients include –  almond, lemon peel, liquorice, juniper berries, orris root, angelica, coriander, cassia, cubeb, and grains of paradise. We were given a dash of each scent to pass around the table trying to play the guessing game of what was which By this stage the gin had taken over and it was fair to say that most of us were feeling a little intoxicated and plenty of interesting answers were flowing around the table. 






Five empty bottles later and no soda water to top up with, lets just say we were all having a pretty good time and the vibe in the room had definitely lifted! 

*I love GIN*



A very different way to end the working week and what a fabulous idea I might add. Perhaps if you are looking at organising a team building session, private event, product launch or a social gathering (any excuse right?) Then this is one to keep in mind. 


Want more info then click here – BOMBAY GIN 


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