Blondielocks visits Porridge Cafe


What, a porridge cafe you say?

Im deadly serious. Of course only in Shoreditch could you possibly pull off something quite as unique and trendy as this. Located on Paul’s street, this bright and airy eating space only seats about a dozen people – not including the large line up outside the door. Jeepers! 



Somehow we managed to time it well with only having to wait 5 minutes for a seat. The menu is sparse so it shouldn’t take you too long to make a decision on what to eat.  You can choose porridge, porridge and Risotto? Funny because I couldn’t see and risotto on the menu but please don’t take my word for it, my eyesight is not in the best shape these days. 



The dark chocolate, raspberry and lime grabbed my attention. That of my two other brunch companions.  The added bonus is its actually quite nutrisious (gluten free). Made with buckwheat and coconut milk, its also mega filling so don’t even think about going to lunch after this, you’d be nuts too. 



I love the concept they have come up with here. Its actually bloody brilliant… and lets face it, pop ups are simply, very cool. No explanation needed. London certainly has plenty to keep you going through-out the year and gosh its jolly good fun especially when you’re a blogger. 





Now that ive convinced you to go you better get your A into G because they’re only open for another 7 days… yes you heard me a week! They don’t take bookings so don’t be a fool, get yourself over there quick smart before you miss out.  


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