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When I was asked if I would like to pop along to this Asker Road location over the weekend and try out a few of their home made treats, I must admit I was feeling a tad indecisive about it. Obviously because most of you are aware by now that I prefer the healthier approach when it comes to eating these days. Of course I always say that we should be able to indulge from time to time as life wouldn’t be worth living if we couldn’t enjoy its guilty pleasures.


I got chatting to the head chef (and founder) Alessandro ‘Al’ about these delightful cakes she has spent time creating and I must say, I was most impressed when she started to explain to me about each individual sweet that I was going to get my greedy little mitts on 🙂

For starters, Al’s background is heavily influenced by French style baking and she has worked in some top Michelin star restaurants such as Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester. Obviously we all know how amazing the French are when it comes to making those delicate cakes/pastries. You cant argue the fact that they are the best in the world. 



I also found out that some of her cakes are gluten and diary free and I was lucky enough to try a sugar free cake. Now we’re talking! 

The menu has also been combined with North American influences and as you read further on you will find out more about this. 


Al also mentioned to me that she only uses the highest quality of ingredients. That means organic of course. Ticking lots of boxes here already! 



The shop itself is majorly cute and oozes loads of character. I noticed a few paintings that really stood out for me and im told they have been designed by some friends of theirs. (By ‘theirs’ I am meaning Chloe as well who is the lovely onsite manager). This included a curated Mural by Sonia Hensler and ultra cool neon art work by Rocco Wonderland (the red lips pictured above)


Now on to the cakes…. Bought out on a hand crafted piece of wood I was presented with an assortment of bespoke creations and damn they looked extremely edible! 


To start with, the Sugar free number consisted of chocolate, whipped cream & fresh raspberries – quite a stack going on here (careful when cutting this bad boy!)


Gluten free cupcake – this had an incredible centre of nectarine filling and instead of sugary icing they used violet buttercream. Dammnnnn! 



Green tea madeleine – lovely with a cuppa (green tea – double whammy) 



Yuza Pate de fruit – gluten and dairy free. They look like the jelly lollies I had as a kid (top left in picture) 


Vanilla and white chocolate cake pop – basically a lollipop with a cake on the end of it. Immense!


Strawberry grapes – ive never ever had anything like this before. I actually thought these were blueberries at first but no I was wrong. These are a very rare kind of fruit so I felt exceptionally lucky to have tried them. Very sweet, juicy and they taste just like strawberries… how uncanny!! 



The last cake or should I say biscuit was definitely my favourite of the bunch. Its called the Snickerdoodle and im told is a very popular treat back in the US. Its basically a butter biscuit with cinnamon sugar. I guess you could say that this is one of those moments where you absolutely should not judge a book by its cover. Its nothing to look at but its soft, chewy in texture, has a dreamy buttery flavour to it and tastes bloody delicious. Win! 


I am completely won over by this adorable and unique store. I didn’t walk away feeling ill or on a massive sugar high and considering the amount I tried in on sitting I really should have been feeling at least one these effects.


I did take notice of the amount of people coming into the shop just for a chat or to pick up some takeaway cakes for the afternoon. Most of them you could tell were regular customers or people who live in the surrounding area which of course is always so nice to see. Hey, im all for it when it comes to supporting a local and I cant wait to bring my Mumma here next time for (im hoping) a salted caramel creation! (no pressure Al!) 


Merci beaucoup Al & Chloe 🙂


You can find their premises here – 

Address:  163 Askew Rd, London W12 9AU
Phone:     020 8811 1944
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