Bank holiday madness – SW4, Notting Hill Carnival & Little Yellow Door

The August bank holiday weekend always seems to be on the chaotic side with loads of different festivals going on all over the country. It almost seems overwhelming to think about how many activities are taking place and where to decide to go with what…

All these choices.  Its a hard life. 

But hey, never mind that, all I know is how much my bank account is going to be hating me for it come Monday evening…. Something about the memories being ‘priceless’ come to mind?! 


Every year its obligatory for me to attend my favourite electronic dance festival, South West Four, located down at the common in Clapham. I do have a soft spot for music festivals however this is the only one I feel doesn’t have your standard ‘commercial’ acts as to that of V Festival and Wireless. Nothing wrong with that either, its just me being extra fussy. They also have some exceptional people playing this year from the likes of Maceo Plex, Hot Since 82, Bakermat, Eats Everything, Eric Prydz and Faithless. 



I was keen to get my dancing moves on over to the Main stage for Tube & Berger when we arrived. Playing alongside Paji they had been bagged as a hot favourite to see this weekend and since I am loving most of their tracks of late, I couldn’t miss out on seeing the German duo.

The weather was unpredictable as always and after hoping we wouldnt be seeing any rain drops, down it came late that afternoon. There is a running joke that I am cursed with the rain whenever there is an outdoor event on and I am actually beginning to think this is true! In previous years its never bothered me too much, I just whacked out the umbrella,  trusty coat and raved the night away however this year it seemed a tad different. People trying to cram into the tents especially for when Fatboy Slim was playing, a little on the dangerous side I thought and the crowds seemed far bigger this year to previous years. The sound system was also rather disappointing in most of the tents apart from The Gallery. Paul Oakenfold and Andy Moor’s sets were a far cry to those of Bakermat’s and Solomun’s – really felt for these guys.






As much as I really do rate this music festival AND I am never one to complain on my blog posts but I really didn’t think it met the bar of high standards this year at all.  I paid £70.00 for a ticket and nearly £100 in booze which was a pretty average selection to say the least. Although on a more positive note, my friend did go on for day two on the Sunday said it had improved with a better vibe and the quality in sound was far far better.


Maybe I can be convinced to go back in 2016 as the convenience of location and the fact that they bring in some of the best DJ’s around the world is a huge drawcard for me. 




After waking up feeling slightly groggy me and flatmate had made the decision to check out Carnival on the Sunday. I am a virgin to this colourful, annual event and it really did seem appropriate to have a sticky beak while getting amongst the crazy vibe that its famously known for.


Im not going to lie when I say I was feeling on the nervous side about going along after hearing so many people telling me some outrageous stories. It takes a lot to stop me from going to an event and if I generally felt threatened by everything, I just wouldn’t bother to walk outside my house and that would just be ridiculous. 🙂



After a couple of trusty G & T’s I was starting to get into the swing of the heavy bass coming from the passing floats and getting squished in the crowds of people. Surprisingly it had no affect on me in the slightest. Everyone seemed in good spirits, singing, dancing and having a hoot of a time. Don’t get me wrong, there were dozens of people walking around with bottles of rum and a few dodgy looking sights but in general I didn’t feel unsafe to the point where I wanted to run a mile.



I got to try out their traditional Jerk chicken, which is an absolute must if you are planning on coming along for the day. Just make sure its piping hot as Ive heard that a few did get some nasty food poisoning (it happens). Of course the day wouldn’t be the same without a glass of bubbles in hand and might I add superbly priced.

As we were strolling around or would you call that two stepping, there were people hanging out of windows, dancing on roof terraces and a few locals selling beer to party goers. Anything goes and theres no way you want to come here in a bad frame of mind… leave that at home! 







The Notting Hill carnival is most certainly is a wild one and the biggest street party I have attended to date. A top tip would be to leave before the sunset as you can start to feel some weird, intensity in the air.

At this point, I guess its off to find a local bar to hit up and continue on with the festivities!



Little Yellow Door has been on my ‘to do list’ for quite sometime and having exchanged Whatsapp messages only recently, I was lucky enough to get on the guest list and try out some of their mouth watering cocktails.

Forgive me because I cannot remember for the life of me what the name of the cocktails that we first attempted were (nothing to do with the G&T’s beforehand) but the fact that they were decorated with toasted marshmallows is a definite thumbs up from me, with or without a name!

Murray, the bar Manager gave us some outstanding service for the evening. Churr! 


Once youre actually upstairs, its very minimal in size and you almost feel like you are in someones living room…..

Actually you do and its great.

It has a real ‘Shoreditch’ feel to it and I absolutely adore everything about it. 

The DJ was banging out some tribal inspired carnival tunes to take us into the night. The place was pretty rammed at one point but not in a way that you felt uncomfortable or in ones personal space. You’ve just gotta go with it at Carnival! 


Theres also a cozy cubby house for those who want more of an intimate feel, a large mirror, a couple of couches and some random ornaments bobbing around the place if you’re into the more eclectic interior design. I know I am. 





As if the night couldn’t get any better then when I happened to bump into my best friend who was there for a girls night out and had no idea that we would both be at the same venue. Great minds think a like as they say! 

Super keen so come back and try out their food menu next time. The place is just very cool, hip and has a really cracking vibe about it. Its tucked away and only metres from Notting Hill gate station, so if you have trouble finding it just look for a ‘Little Yellow Door’.


Well Bank Holiday weekend, done and done. Its been a blast as always, feeling completely ruined but as they say no rest for the wicked and the show must go on!

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