Baby get Steaky @ STK London


Located in the swanky ME hotel on the Strand, is this contemporary modern American Steakhouse, oozing chic, glamour and serving some of the finest cuts of steak around Europe and the US.



Apart from feeling slightly groggy, I was eager to find out what a steak masterclass entailed and excited about what was ahead of us for the evening. With a welcome cocktail on arrival – a thyme and blueberry collins we were split up into two groups and whisked away to be taught the ins and outs of cocktail making and what really goes on in the kitchen of a successful restaurant.




Leading us down a number of stairs we found our way to the control room, also know as the kitchen. Head chef Jared was there to greet the group with open arms to talk us through the different cuts and some brief history of each.



Out came the sexy aprons and before I knew it I was in control of the blade (god help us all) cutting my way through some of the best steaks in the world – Wagyu of course.  Known for its intense marble exterior and mouthwatering buttery flavours, its not a wonder it such a popular dish to eat amongst most restaurants goers. 




A few of us were given the privilege of cooking on the grill. It was hot and there were food smells galore. At this point I was beginning to feel pretty hungry and eyeing up just about every bit of food passing by. Mmmmmmm.









We were given a tutorial on how to make the ‘STK’ signature martini. Easier than you think. Even for people like myself who know a lot about cocktails, well possibly more about consuming them than anything. I definitely wont be quitting my day job.





After all the training we were taken into the private dining room for a three course meal. The room seats 16 people and is not one of those stuffy dining rooms completely closed off from the main areas, which I much prefer from a social aspect. Always nice to have the option of being included with the buzzing atmosphere of its patrons.



As the wine arrived, the conversations were flowing and we all had a good chuckle about the amount of photos been taken of the food as it was spread across the table. Standard blogger behaviour, cant be helped!



I had the tuna sashimi, although after seeing the miniature Wagyu beef burgers I was green with envy. As much as I wanted to have steak in both meals, for once I had decided to be a little sensible with the food decisions.



Steak as the main – 200grams of it accompanied with some moorishly satisfying bbq sauce. Classic side dishes to pile on the plate were macaroni cheese, pull apart bread, some greens and thick cut chips. The steak was juicy, mean and super filling. So much so that I couldn’t finish it.  I know, such a disappointment.




With dessert I had the STK snickers with salted caramel and roasted peanuts was an explosion of all different types of sweet flavours. Bits of brownie, salted caramel ice cream and a gooey chocolate peanut butter bar was described purely in two words. Food orgasm.



I want to say a big thank you to Citylicious and STK for giving me the opportunity to go behind the scenes, I had an absolute blast. The staff were most helpful and happy to share their passions with all of us – their enthusiastic attitudes were highly contagious.

Also loving my trendy hip flask. I managed to save most of the whisky to take away with me which will be kept for a later occasion. I also failed to mention that they have a resident DJ banging out some decent house tunes and I hear through the grapevine, if you visit on the weekends, the dining area is transformed into a dance floor.  Sounds like my perfect night out!


STK London

For bookings click here 

336-337 Strand, London WC2R 1HA

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