An evening in the East – Fish Market & Old Bengal Bar


It was a Tuesday night. About 6.30pm to be precise. People rushing about, madness everywhere around me. There was no escaping such mania, until I found myself at New Street. Staring at a blackboard saying ‘The Fish Market’ that reads.. “join us for dinner”




Now that ive got your absolute attention, I can gladly introduce you to my latest experience at this Classic British seafood restaurant within the heart of East London, or as I like to refer to it as, Hipsterville.

I had asked my friend and lifestyle blogger Lucy Williams to join me on this mighty fine evening of fishiness and cocktail sipping while catching up on all of our latest adventures.


To start we decided to be a little responsible this evening and order a separate glass of the vino rather than a couple of bottles (hey its easily done). I was leaning toward the fruity sweet rose rather than a white, which hasn’t particularly been rocking my world of late. I wont say im completely off it but ive always been a lover of the full bodied red and rose is just a lighter substitute when devouring the creature of the sea.


Also to save ourselves from feeling horribly full we opted to share the starters and desserts.

Sharing is definitely caring in this case.



I went with the trusty Salt and pepper squid with a scatterings of freshly chopped chilli. You know its always going to be a winner in my books if the ‘C’ word is included. SOLD!

Lucy chose the Scottish Scallops and cauliflower which was presented beautifully in a delicate shell.



As well as their generous a la carte menu they have an optional ‘Market’ selection of fresh fish up to 500 grams. With a few extra side dishes thrown in there and including some dreamy sweet potato mash, you really just cannot go wrong with the golden Kumura tatties.



The South Coast lemon sole is one piece of fish that I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting yet, so was eager to give it a shot. Its fairly meaty, clear white in colour and rather bland for my liking but never the less it is always a treat to try something out of the norm.


The dessert menu consisted of the typical favourite types including the decadent chocolate brownie and the apple/pear crumble.. but tonight I was feeling the urge to eat some very rateable profiteroles with tempered dark chocolate sauce. This is one sweet treat that is guaranteed to be demolished in seconds and you know how the rest of the story goes here..

We were also given the opportunity to try out their limited edition chocolate pot which was featured during Chocolate week last month. This is a collaboration with Doisy and Dam who are super food chocolate producers.




This is the type of dessert that always gets me hot under the collar. For one reason, its raw. Raw meaning what exactly? Usually it will consist of natural, organic ingredients and without using any sort of heat eg. shoving it in the oven to bake. This particular creation included bitter tasting cocoa nibs, maca root which had an awfully thrilling good kick to it and with a rich creamy mousse texture.


Minimal effort, Maximum impact.


After we had consumed a small amount of food (as if!) it was time to trot off just a few metres down the cobbled street to sample some of the Old Bengal bars latest and greatest cocktail creations. Again I am greeted with a large blackboard welcoming me into the modern courtyard. Such a pity that it was a little too chilly for outdoorsy drinking but I can imagine this area would be at max capacity during the summer balmy months.


Now, more importantly lets get cracking and talk about the cocktails.

There is quite a selection of gin, vodka, whisky & rum based beverages so basically there is something for all, no matter how picky you are. Really.

Indigo fizz which is a gin based cocktail with red pepper (you are reading this right) Southern Comfort, raspberries and lemon, was first up for the test. Lucy was a little more daring in this department and went for the ‘if you like banana colada’. Name really says it all doesn’t it?! It also happens to come in a shape of a coconut and decorated in crispy dried banana chips which I have to say I was a little envious over.



My second decision was straight onto the Opium war. A delightful mixture of lavender, Ketel one vodka, poppy liquer and my current obsession – egg white. I don’t know what it is with me and EW but there is something about the fluffiness that gets me every time!


Its quite a contemporary late night-mid week drink kinda bar and although fairly quiet for being a Tuesday evening, the service was tremendous and a fair bit of thought process has been put into this menu. Taking into consideration how competitive it has gotten over the past couple of years and how much cocktail making has been taken to the next level; I believe they are up there with the best of them.


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