An 80’s summer pop up in Chelsea


Im a big big fan of a pop up and when it includes the word ’80’s followed by ‘Chelsea’ (my local hood) it really doesn’t take much convincing to get me to come along to their official launch party held at the popular Bluebird on the Kings Road. Both these loved institutions have teamed together until the end of August, to bring you plenty of retro summer vibes and some majorly quirky looking cocktails. 


If you only know little about the Maggie’s Members Club then we just cant relate right now. Only joking. If you do however love a bit of the over sized crimped hair, bright colours, dis-tasteful fashion along with some iconic music then I think this may be right up your street. 

Im an absolute sucker for the 80’s and rightly so. I was born in 83 (already trying to figure out my age are we?) and I can tell you they were some damn good times. REALLY. 




Anyway back to the sparkly event itself. Unfortunately everything had to be moved upstairs to the Bistro restaurant due to some nasty weather (sad times) however going forward this will be relocated to the lush court yard so you can enjoy it the alfresco way (happy times!)




Placed around the room were the biggest Rubix cube tables I have ever laid eyes on. To top it all off they even had cocktails to match with Belvedere Vodka, lime, mango and a dash of Champagne. All such a delightful mixture and definitely worth me sacrificing my heavy workout schedule to slip a cheat day in. #sorrynotsorry




The area quickly filled with party goes and familiar faces from the TV show we all know – Made in Chelsea’s  Binki Felstead looking super sleek. Dishes from their kitsch bar menu by head chef Matt Robinson were also bought out in the droves and I was most pleased to get my hands on some of their ravishing salted caramel cookie dessert and truffle chicken kiev lollipops. Im not going to tell you how many of these bad boys I managed to throw down my gob but you’ve probably got a clear indication as to how fantastic they were on the taste scale. Oh my! 



I cant tell you how unbelievably cool it was to see people walking around with pac man styled cups either. Talk about going back in time. Im sure they wouldn’t mind at all if one went missing in action… 😉



So do me a favour, dust off those shoulder pads and grab some leg warmers, head over there yourself and let me know what your thoughts are. You’ve got until the Bank holiday weekend in August to do so and running from Monday to Saturday it means there are no excuses to pop your head in for a visit.


“It was acceptable in the 80’s…..!” 




T-shirt & floral pants – Zara 

Shoes – JustFab 

Visor – Maggie’s  

Watch – TIMEX

Necklace & rings – Lovisa

Bluebird Restaurant: 350 King’s Road, London, SW3 5UU

Maggie’s Club: 329 Fulham Road, London, SW10 9QL, 

020 7352  8512

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