A world cocktail showcase – all 80 of them @ Mr Foggs



I really do have a soft spot for speak easy bars. Mr Fogg’s notably, being one of them.

An absolute stand out from the rest, its eccentric theme based on the British adventurer, Phileas J Fogg, comes with hanging birdcages, bicycles, easy listening talkback radio in the lavatory and a blooming garden with plenty of Hendricks gin. 



Being the cheeky kind of natured person I can be,  I was gagging to ask the question of a chilli cocktail on the menu. Anything related to this word makes me jump up down, so as you can imagine, I was a little too excited when Number 22 on the list (or better known as the spicy rupee) was put in front of me. Rather unusual, in a funnel shaped glass sitting quite happily on a bed of ice.  Just cup it in your hands and happy days. Ooh la la



After being given the talk of this fascinating menu of masterpieces (Yes they are really are) We were treated to a very special number 3 – The Royal Coffee Maker. This is no ordinary cocktail let me tell you. Made with Newfoundland/Woody Rich Butter – Hennessey Fine de Cognac, Maraschino Luxardo, chocolate bitters, home-made sugar syrup, a cocoa and tea blend and a mascarpone foam on top, its worth every cent of the £90.00 price tag. Trust me, this will rock your world. 




Some other liquid porn on show for the evening – 

Number 16. The Invigorator – Outer Mongolia/ Fresh Light Delicate / Shaken – Fresh berry-infused Sapphire Gin, Maraschino Luxardo Liqueur, double cream, raspberry jam, fresh lemon juice, yogurt powder, egg white and home-made sugar syrup topped up with soda water

Number 18. Gin O’Clock On The Dock– Jamaica/Sweet Fruity Sharp/Shaken – Tanqueray London Dry Gin, Plymouth sloe gin, Wray and Newphew Overproof rum, home-made orange liqueur, rice juice, lychee juice, fresh lemon juice and home-made sugar syrup

Number 55. The Whisky Risk – Taiwan/Spicy Aromatic Exotic/ Shaken – Johnnie Walker Black Label Whiskey, Prucia Plum Liqueur, Evangelista Ratafia, fresh lemon juice, home-made sugar syrup, egg white and plum bitters





If I was to recommend any cocktail from this list I would go for Number 20 – The cocky mule. I had already had the pleasure of trying this one a few weeks back and DAAMNN it hit the spot very nicely. Vodka, cinnamon, Ginger and a fluffy egg white topping. Hey, at least you’re getting your 1 in 5 a day here…just saying.




I don’t think there is one cocktail on this list that will let you down. In fact, the creativity and effort that has gone into this menu is staggering. So if you do love your cocktails, drop in and make yourself known.

(I can tell you’re already tempted) 

Serving you gladly until late –

Address: 15 Bruton Lane, London W1J 6JD
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  1. I’m also a fan of Mr Fogg’s and speakeasies in general. That Royal Coffee Maker sounds wonderfully indulgent

    Suze | LuxuryColumnist

    • Very much so!! I love my speakeasy bars as well. Have you been to Cahoots yet or there other one Maggies?

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