A unique dining experience @ Dabbous

This restaurant was recommended to me by a friend many months ago and after far too many cancellations and postponing of dates I actually wondered if it was ever going to happen or not. Sort it out Steph!



After doing some of the usual light review reading online, I discovered that Dabbous has had a staggering amount of press hype surrounding it since opening back in 2012. Even critics like Jay Raynor struggled to get a reservation. With bookings of up to 6 months in advance, it got me really excited (which doesn’t take much as we know) about the menu and what I was in store for from this 1 michelin star restaurant. 


Inside, its not particularly appealing. Industrial is the first thing that comes to mind and on the minimal size BUT im not here to have a dig at that. I would eat in a car park if it meant I was being served the best food in the world.


There are two different tasting menus you can choose from. We choose the 7, obviously. 


First to be bought to the table was a large paper bag filled with slices of warm grainy bread. I think this is the first time ive ever had bread delivered to me like this in a restaurant. Classy.



Muscatel grapes, with almond and lovage. Interesting one this. As a first dish I couldnt quite make out if we were working backwards and I was eating dessert first. Not that I would ever complain about this and probably quite a genius trick to throw people off the track a bit.



Next out came a charcoal coloured plate with a slither of goose meat. As I found out you can eat this with the bread or on its own. Its powerful & fatty flavours really shine through with the resembling texture of bacon. Just incredible.




The coddled egg with mushroom and smoked butter is quite something. Presented in an egg shell in a bundle of straw, would definitely have to be my favourite savoury dish. It just really bothered me that portion size was so small.. even after scrapping every last inch of it out of the shell. First world problems?



The smoked halibut – or in simple form – the flat fish with watercress sauce. It was flattering on the palate.. and very green. It didn’t WOW me at first but I think it could grow on me if I ate it again. 



Out comes the 7 year old barbecued sirloin steak. One of the better cuts of meat in my opinion. Drenched in a striking blue cheese sauce it just so happens that I really rate this sort of cheese so my opinion is that of the biased one. 



The eucalyptus snow was rather different. We couldnt figure out how to eat it and with no spoons provided im guessing the fingers were the only option.  Its basically the same texture as of that of ice cream but is far easier to eat and not as cold. The hint of eucalyptus is not overpowering so you might be surprised with this well mannered dish. 



Last but not least – the rhubarb and custard. Whats not to love about both of these ingredients? Mix it with some lavender and you’ve got yourself a rather handsome looking dessert. 




The waiters here are very well trained. Extremely attentive; it would be hard to find a reason to complain about the lack of service. You can also really appreciate the thoughtfulness and attention to detail that has gone into the presentation of each dish on this menu. The food is not too shabby either but it wasn’t quite up to the level that I was expecting it to be.  Perhaps its just the fact that I have been super spoilt over the past 6 months with some superior first class dining and im now becoming overly picky….ekk!


You should definitely give this place a go if you do enjoy modern European cuisine. The bar downstairs I hear is worth a visit as well with a solid cocktail list. 

Happy eating! 


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