A taste of Peru in Soho @ Señor Ceviche!


I cant say im very familiar with Peruvian food or ceviche for that matter but as it seems to be the topic of conversation when speaking about exotic food types, I couldn’t resist by heading over to Soho to get my first taste of this popular South American seafood dish. 



Kingly Court is a hidden hub of eateries, filled with heaving bars and located next to the flamboyant Carnaby street, may be slightly tricky to find at first (speaking from experience on at least two occasions here) but this is what makes it slightly, well more mysterious one might say?



First thing to notice when you step inside is the bold, bright colours wall to wall, dangling lights, wooden decor and hospitable staff to greet you with dazzling smiles. So far so good. 



With ceviche on the brain our main mission was to try at least two types of the seafood cuisine with a side of chilli chicken wings, pork ribs and charred nutty broccoli. 




Not forgetting to mention the fantastic cocktail list with happy hour. Happy hour?! Yes you are reading this right. Although we did have the one hour to sneak in as many as possible so this wasn’t going to be a hard task I must say. 




Having a weird obsession with egg whites and cocktails at the moment, the Pisco sour is an ideal choice and judging by the amount been carried past the table, I wasn’t the only one with exceptional taste. 




The ceviche is actually pretty damn good. A first for me to be eating raw sea bream and tigers milk, it was certainly a dish worth trying with real freshness incorporated with mouth watering juices. Same goes for the other meat dishes. Although a struggle to cut in half, the ribs were succulent in the aji amarillo BBQ sauce, which hit the spot nicely. 





Their dessert menu is scarce with only two items to choose from but you cant go wrong with a classic brownie, especially when it is almost the size of a dinner plate. I had to wonder for a moment if it was really necessary to have ordered. Ahh probably not. 


All in all this place is tip top, especially if you just want a quick, no fuss after work feed. Rammed with the hip and the trendy, its boisterous vibe gives you that sense of what it would be like eating in the bustling streets of down town Lima. 


Muchas gracias!!








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  1. Very desceiptive post, I loved that bit. Will there be a part 2?

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