A Social Day (& Night) Out



The beauty of living so far from home means you’re bound to get a few visitors coming over from time to time for their european getaway and more than likely paying a fly-in visit to London for a few days.  Ive been pretty spoilt this year with a number of friends making a special trip to catch up and wanting to gallivant all over town, so of course the ‘social hostess for the mostess’ will happy oblige to such a task.

This time around my dear friend Natalie swang by for a couple of days so trying to cram in as much as you can in a short space of time is not an easy take at hand. Especially because I only like to take my visitors to the best of the best that this city has to offer.

Normally on a Wednesday night you can find me sweating it out at the gym or maybe a cheeky event but rarely will you find me in a night club. Ive always been a weekend clubber for obvious reasons and the fact that I do have the responsibility of a full time job that comes with an early morning start during the weekdays.



At the very minute we were invited along to the Wellington Club in Knightsbridge. Bear in mind that I was only there less than a week ago with my girls but since I had been granted a day off work I thought it would be rude to decline a midweek invitation… and simply because I totally adored this quirky, crazy West London club.

Starting off at the sophisticated Bulgari Hotel, the right thing to do was order a glass of pre-champers to kick off what would be a rather intense night and day ahead.


‘The Welly’ as its known to most, is a ‘one of a kind’ private members club that has been around the block for quite some time. Think ‘Tim Burton’, a mystical, gothic playground that has attracted many A-listers over the years and is known for some pretty wild parties.

Inside, it has a bath tub, a room dedicated to Mickey Rourke, a mirror ball scull designed by Damien Hurst, a wall of jammed scissors and a huge work of art that says ‘FUCK’….(excuse the language but it needed to be mentioned).

Their latest and greatest piece of furniture compromises of a multicoloured dentist chair that sits right next to the photo booth (which by the way is not a toilet as it states).




The following morning I did not raise my head off the pillow before 9am. Remembering that I had arranged to have the day off was probably the best idea I had come up with all week.  The plan of attack was to take Nat to a few plush eateries, while she was on a mission to find champagne ice lollies from Fortnum & Mason and a visit to Harrods. You could say it was a day of luxury but hey we wouldnt have it any other way right?




Recently a Jason Atherton restaurant has come into the scene by the name of Social Wine. After dining at his other venture, Pollen Street Social not so long ago and being completely blown away by how extraordinary it was, I was very keen to pay a visit to this supposed tapas, bar and wine shop located in heart of Marylebone, St Christopher’s Place.

The venue for one is two levels and clearly no money has been spared in creating what I believe is one of the most opulent wine bars around town. Arguably, their menu of cheeses, hams and tapas plates are just as magnificent and with a wine list long enough to make you weep, you could say that this is one dangerous place for a person like myself. 🙂



Once you are propped up on the long elegant bar, you will find yourself surrounded by multiple glass cellars of vintage wines from all over the world, including some with a thumping £20,000 price tag.

Dont think I will be making a purchase any time soon..!

For a place like this you would automatically think it would come with a pretentious vibe but be pleasantly surprised that is not the case at all. The guys behind the bar are really accommodating and up for some chit chat along the way (even giving us inside scoop about his new project in Sydney!) Of course it wouldnt be the same if we didnt have a taste of some orange wine for which I can conclude by saying is an acquired taste but must be tried once if given the opportunity.


After all that indulging I was ready for my feet to hit the pavement and explore around the finer parts of W1. Champagne ice blocks were on our mind so it was over to Piccadilly to check out the upmarket department store in search of these alco pops….


Im not sure what it is about Mayfair that I am so very fond of. Could it be the thrill of strolling though such an exclusive, wealthy area with high society status or just the fact that you are surrounded by luxury sports cars and expensive designer shops, wall to wall on New Bond Street? If you have the dosh to spend, this would the be the place to do it.


From there we took a big red bus (not an Uber this time around) to the famous department store in Knightsbridge – Harrods. As I find myself travelling past this gigantic retail establishment on my commute to work almost everyday, its not really somewhere I would shop on a regular basis, unless of course I have people who come to visit, which is an obligation just for the experience. Even if you aren’t planning on buying up a storm, its one place you have to tick off the list!


After meandering around it was time for some well earned bubbles at the elegant Champagne bar. I know what you’re thinking but im telling you, it just has to be done.

Add to that a decadent trio of chocolate dipped gold leaf strawberries and you’re pretty much in heaven. Lushhhh!



Life cannot get any better than this. Trust me. 


By 6pm I was starting to feel a snooze coming on and was almost tempted to curl up in a ball and take a nap BUT the day hadn’t ended quite there… and guess what? It involved more eating and drinking for something different.


Keeping with the Jason Atherton theme, the evening was set in the Tower 42 building located in Liverpool street and amongst other monstrous landmarks that you may or may not have been acquainted with.

City Social located on level 24 is another exceptional British restaurant created by the talented, owner chef Atherton and yet another beauty that doesn’t disappoint. With outstanding 360 degree views of the city, mood lighting and featured art deco interior, it is truly fine dining at its best.

I had requested a ‘front row’ seat which they took note of and adhered to however my only small concern was the fact that none of the sommeliers were in a mad hurry to take our order for a glass of wine. It took almost 30 minutes and was done after the food order was taken which is something I havent encountered before. The restaurant itself was buzzing and I appreciate the fact that it was a very busy night but when a lady is dying of thirst I would expect to be asked for a drink after shortly arriving.


Apart from this slight downer for the evening it was a lucky save for CS after the food was consumed. Incredible is one word that comes to mind here.



The fresh oysters and the yellow fin tuna tataki were an absolute pearler. We both agreed that the plate presentation was A-class for all dishes. My slow cook duck breast with pistachio yoghurt was highly desirable and just the right size on the plate after gorging oneself all day long.



Finishing off with a rose, lychee, raspberry and chocolate tart I had a feeling I would regret eating this glorious eye catching dish but NO I can safely report that it was not as sickly rich as it had appeared.

The night ended with a couple of backdrop skyline shots before we Uber-ed it home for some well earned rest after what seemed quite an eventful day.


Nat please dont come back again for at least one year so I can recover (KIDDING)

Time for one to hit the gym immediately. 🙂


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