A rather ravishing rosé evening @ Franco’s


Well, you couldn’t have picked a more sweltering evening to do some wine tasting even if you tried! Especially when it involves a glass or five of rosé – the perfect summer go to drink!

How nicely timed 🙂


The event was held in the lower downstairs mirror room at Franco’s, which is a high end Italian restaurant located in Jermyn Street and only a few streets shy of the Ritz and the flashing lights of Piccadilly Circus. I am yet to try out their menu, which I hear is superb but until then, let us start off with the lovely pink liquid. 




Greeted with the usual bubbles and a smiling face from the Golden Network lady herself, Victoria Salem, the room quickly filled with up to 50 professionals and after a welcome introduction from the manager, it was onto the most important bit of the night – wine sipping of course! 



The room was dotted with crystal clean white clothed tables and large ice buckets filled with bottles of over 15 different wines. We were also given a booklet for a bit of light reading and me trying to take it oh so seriously, whipped out the pen and began to make my way around the beautiful swirls of pink that had taken over the room. 



Now, when it comes to wine, I prefer it fruity with a touch of sweetness. Ive never been into the dry or oaky-ness of a chardonnay, perhaps thats the kiwi in me but I’ve always favoured a Sav Blanc to anything else.

This applies to rosé wine.

The growing popularity of the wine has really shown over the past few years and I only really became a massive fan after discovering and trying a number of Croatian wines back in 2013. Now its safe to say – I’m hooked! 





Im not sure what it is about rosé wine, but it just pairs so divinely with fresh bowl of seafood or even a pasta and a chicken dish. Its very easy on the palate which in some instances can be a little dangerous, but so fitting over the summer months – I just cant get enough of it. 


So because of my particular tastes, I only got around to trying about 6 wines before deciding what was my favourite of the night. Surprisingly this was the 2015 Rosa di Rosa from Piedmont, Italy. Absolutely perfect on the palate and so much so, I just had to ask for a second glass. 

Others that were a standout for me were – 

Rosato, Castello di Ana from Tuscany, Italy  

Rosado Finca Nueva from Rioja, Spain

I decided to get out of my comfort zone for about 5 minutes and attempt the Rose kenton from Devon and since it was a local wine, I thought I had the obligation to do so.  Unfortunately my opinion should not be taken into account as I just cant seem to enjoy a dry wine. But I tried and that’s what counts. 






Another huge thanks to the Golden Network for giving me the opportunity to come along to a very special event and one that I was looking forward to for months! Also the awesome staff at Franco’s – super friendly and on the ball. 



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