A night to remember @ Mr Fogg’s 5th birthday soirée


When I was invited a long to this pretty special event a few weeks back, I was a little hesitant due to it being a very quiet non-sociable month for me, plus I didn’t really want to face the freezing cold night time air after a hard days work BUT anyway (first world problems!), I persuaded myself to make the effort because I absolutely dig MR FOGG’S and their cocktails are just out of this world!! 

Funnily enough I wasn’t drinking but this should definitely NOT stop you from going out because we can always have a good time without loads of booze 🙂 Luckily for me they had a couple of very appealing mocktails to choose from including the berry straight & narrow, (rate the name) the red herring which went down an absolute treat and of course many other spirited libations! 

If you haven’t had the chance to visit one of the most charming and quirkest bars in London, well you are simply missing out (no joke!!). It’s tucked away, just behind the poshness of Berkeley square in Mayfair but don’t worry its very different when you are welcomed inside, its like you’ve stepped well back in time!

Based on the eccentric British adventurer, Phileas J. Fogg, it also features a Hendrick’s botanical garden, beautiful furniture pieces as well as a number of interesting decorative items hanging off the ceiling. (your eyes wont know where to look)

The cocktail list is phenomenal and no imagination is spared when it comes to the creation that goes into each and every drink. Trust me on this one 🙂

During the evening there was also plenty of entertainment provided including Mr B the Cockney rapper who was a barrel of laughs, as well as a once in a lifetime horse and carriage ride around Mayfair – something you rarely get to do these days! The horses were beyond stunning and even though we waited for what seemed like an hour in the cold, it was well worth it to have such an incredible opportunity and one that I’m probably never going to experience again. 

Thank you Mr F for your kind hospitality!!



Address: Mr Fogg’s Residence, 15 Bruton Lane, Mayfair, W1J 6JD


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  1. The cocktails looks great!

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