30Days done & done!


Jeepers, what a month is has been! To be honest its actually gone pretty damn quickly (once again) and ive been so chaotically busy that ive had very little time to sit and sulk about doom and gloomy January.


Although not to sound like a Debbie downer here but the past few days have been rather horrendous and the stress levels have been through the roof with the amount of bits and pieces going on…. On more of a positive note, today is day 30 of ’30Days’ YAH! Boy it has been quite a journey in such a short space of time. I have learned more about my body in the past month than I have in my 31 years of living and its just such an incredible feeling knowing how much you can really accomplish when you put your mind to it AND see the results.




Yes, I admit I slipped up a couple of times from my ‘no alcohol’ rule but theres no time for beating oneself up about it, we all make mistakes. ¬†On the other hand, I was totally surprised by how focused and determined I felt throughout this exercise and how I managed to maintain a strict regime which almost seemed impossible to even compute back at the end of December….


Within a week I had already started to notice a few changes. I felt my energy was back again, my mind was clearer, I could concentrate more at work and in general I just felt a lot happier. Go the endorphines! Within two weeks and after some pretty tough personal training sessions in freezing conditions, I started to notice my body firming up and my Christmas holiday bloat was almost gone. I trained almost every day whether it was at the gym, doing sit ups or going for a brisk walk. This is hard going when you have a manic schedule BUT it can be done once you get yourself into a little routine.

I started to experiment more with different foods, introducing raw and visiting some pretty amazing restaurants around town. I took the Yuuga Kemistry Raw food class where we made all sorts of delicous meals including soup, zuchini pasta and cacao & goji berry balls. I also took the juice challenge (which you can read in one of my posts) which was unbelievably challenging but not something I would do again. I love my food way too much to sacrifice not eating ūüôā


I am now drinking infused fruit water which is a fantastic substitute if you get sick of drinking boring old tap water all the time and want something refreshing and of course that is good for you.



Now that I have completed this mini challenge you may be wondering whats next? Well im certainly not going to go on a massive binge and retox as im not about to throw away hard work. I do strongly believe that we should reward ourselves especially after treating the body so well. Starting to incorporating carbs again such as whole meal grainy bread or a tomato based pasta. On the top of my list is to devourer¬†a juicy steak, indulge in some cheese with a glass of red in hand and maybe some dark bitter chocolate on the side. ¬†Ive been told that I will appreciate all the ‘goodies’ like never before and I think they could be right about that!




Its all about taking it ‘back to basics’


Yes! I quite like this quote and are going to try and adapt it with my everyday life from here on in. Dont get me wrong, I love to indulge in the finer things in life but its also equally important for me to maintain a healthy lifestyle Рplus its fairly obvious that im pretty passionate about looking after myself.


Obviously im not asking people to do what I did. At the end of the day its all about moderation, finding the balances and getting to know your body. Trust me ive been there, done that with dieting, protein shakes and quick fixes. Thankfully ive realised that life is far to short for any of that nonsense!


Happy detoxing lovers x

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