’30Days’ continues with the 3 Day Obsidian Juice Cleanse


Thanks to the Obsidian juice program I was given the opportunity to give this cleanse a go over a course of 3 days. As these types of cleanses seem to be the rage at the moment I was eager to find out how my body would be able to cope with only fruit and vegetable juice. #letsdothis



Day 1

When the cold pressed juices arrived they came in a well organised box with each bottle individually labeled. Included were instructions on which day to have which juice. All were frozen and I just had to make sure I had left a total of 4 juices in the fridge the night before. I found a few were still slightly frozen the next day but I just ran under hot water which did the trick.

Meals came as such –

  • ABC
  • Calm
  • Invincible
  • Flush

The bottles themselves are actually on the large size (500ml) and you will feel full after the first one. I had this at the same time I would normally eat breakfast which is about 9am. The second one I polished off at 12.30pm. The third around 3pm and the lucky last at 6pm. By this time I was starting to feel the effects of ‘not eating’ and my energy levels had dropped. Bear in mind that you need to drink at least 3 litres of water a day or you can drink herbal tea so I opted with mint after every juice. I found this helped with the hunger pains and also warmed me up as I felt terribly cold! Also a warning, you may find yourself hanging out in the bathroom like its going out of fashion! I found that I was pretty drained by the end of the day and for that reason I put myself to bed well before the hours I normally get some shut-eye. Not such a bad thing hey.




Day 2

Woke up feeling tired, very dehydrated and you guessed it, hungry. I had a feeling that today was going to be the worst and I was right about that.  The bus ride to work was like being in a shop on boxing day sales. I literally wanted to kill someone. Im guessing this is a typical sign from lack of eating, especially from someone like me who loves their food SO MUCH.

By the time I got to work and had finished off my first ABC juice for the day, I was starting to perk up again and could feel the energy slowly coming back. Unfortunately this only lasted until just before 12 and then I started to feel pretty ill. By ill I mean dizzy and my sugar levels were very low so in this instance I decided I didn’t have a choice but to go and get something to eat. Otherwise I probably wasn’t not going to make it through the next hour….  Best to listen to your body so a small bowl of vegetables later after my midday juice and I was feeling a little more human again. Being at work all day therefore means more energy was being burnt quicker rather than if I was sitting on the couch at home. On this cleanse they recommend that you don’t eat (for obvious reasons) however you still need to look after yourself and if you are feeling unwell to the point of fainting it is best that you grab something small to get you through.  

Feeling emotional and pretty much all over the place, I was not going to give up with only one more day to go and after a couple of hours, I got through the afternoon in a breeze. In fact I found myself completely full. Funny how the body reacts to change so quickly. 


Day 3

Rose out of bed feeling somewhat better than the previous day. Drank a bottle of water before I got to work and started on the first juice called ‘Lean n Green’. My mood today (as I was advised strongly by those around me) was far more pleasant – cheers to that. I didn’t look anywhere near as drained or zapped so clearly my body was adapting to the harsher conditions. By the end of the day I was not complaining when I saw the last bottle in the fridge as my craving for food had decided to slip back into my thoughts and gently remind me that it was all done and dusted. 🙂 




This was such an interesting, insightful yet significantly difficult challenge. I felt like I was really testing the mental capabilities of not only my body but my mind as well. The thing I quite liked about this program is all the juices overall tasted very good, no flavours to turn your nose up at. Even though I only choose to do the 3 days, I believe that was more than enough for someone like myself who is generally healthy anyway and that doesn’t need to lose a lot of weight. Depending on what sort of results you are looking at achieving there is also a 5 and 7 day program. 

This program requires disciplining yourself. I’m not going to lie. It is not easy and I wouldn’t call it fun exercise (lets face it, what detox is!)….speaking of exercise, I decided to give it a miss during this time. Seems pointless if you can’t put 100% effort into a workout. If anything, a walk would be about as far as I would go but always listen to what your body whats to do. 


Noticeable facts –

My skin is definitely looking healthier and there is a slight glow!

I don’t have the cravings for any sugary, fatty foods and my stomach has definitely shrunk

I do feel a little more energised and after tomorrow of back to normal (of course healthy) eating im sure I will be feeling on top of the world!


If you are curious, the 3 day juicing starts from a reasonable price of £59.00 


Thank you so much to Obsidian and Carol West for providing me with this program. For now its back to training and continuing on my ’30Days’ challenge. For those who are doing it as well or thinking of giving it a go please see below for more details and most of all, best of luck!



Carol West Bio

Carol West is a qualified nutritionist, qualified colon hydrotherapist and trainer.  Carol gained a Certificate in Plant Based nutrition from Cornell University certified by Dr Colin Campbell (author of the China study which was the first extensive study done with regards to diet and health conditions. An entire country was studied and the eating habits and health conditions of each region were correlated – the results showed that those who ate a whole food plant based diet were at the least risk of diseases (conditions) such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Its author and researcher Dr Colin Campbell is considered the father of the plant based diet).

She is a qualified Juice therapist.

She is the only UK trainer authorised by the PCRM (the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) in Washington to teach and train plant based nutrition with four specific target groups; healthful eating for cancer, diabetes prevention and survival, weight management and healthy eating for children.  Obsidian is the first and only retreat to be certified by the PCRM which is founded on 30 years of scientific study. Andrew West is a qualified hypnotherapist, advance level EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), a qualified trainer and qualified counsellor.



*this was a sponsored post & all views are my own*

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