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Day 66

Smoked salmon, organic fresh eggs from the chickens on toasted rye in the garden. What could be better to do on a fine day like this! I love the fact that I am fortunate enough to able to spend time in my back yard which in London can only be enjoyed by a minority of people. It’s very rare in central London to have a place with a garden so over the summer im taking every opportunity that I can to spend the time relaxing and unwinding in it. Plenty of BBQ’s, PIMMS and mojito drinks spring to mind. I’m also really digging this ruby-red outdoor setting my flatmate just recently bought as well – fits in perfectly.




Day 67

Only 61 more days until I get sail along the Adriatic sea and the stunning islands of Croatia. The boat pictured is the one I will be sailing on which takes up to 35 people with Croatia Sail. I have been looking forward to this holidays for almost 3 years now and finally in August that dream will come true! Unfortunately last week I found out I am going to be a lone ranger on this one with my friend not being able to accompany me due to unforeseen circumstances ….. but im not going to let that ruin the trip of a lifetime, No, No, No. After travelling through Europe for many years I actually don’t mind doing it alone and I believe with a whole group of people around the same age bracket on board im quite confident I wont have a problem making some great friends along the way!




Day 68

On Wednesday evening I ended up hanging out in the sophisticated suburb of Knightsbridge – known for its swanky cars, high rollers and expensive shops, it’s not somewhere I would really call my ‘hang out’. However Motcomb Street were hosting a street party which is basically to raise funds for the Army and to promote and support local businesses. The weather was fantastic and the atmosphere was buzzing. Filled with the whose who and the occasional b-list celebrity (saw Keith Lemon and his interesting entourage!) it was almost too overcrowded at one stage for my liking but I could see why this was so.. the live acts they had were just brilliant. George Michael and Rod Stewart impersonators who had it bang on the money. Especially George Michael, I had to double take at first.  Not just because he looked a splitting image of him but the fact that the guy could sing just like him as well.

They also had a whole stack of prizes to raise money for charity which were pretty decent I might add.  Mind due I don’t think it was a very wise decision to be doing a cleansing detox while at an event like this but I was a very good girl resisting the champagne in the punch drinks however a bit of a fail with the pulled pork burgers (yes I had a few bites!) 


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Day 69

I’m really into any hair style parted to the side whether it’s a plait or just a messy ‘i don’t care’ look.  With amount of times I have changed the colour of my hair over the past few years, I actually didn’t realise how wicked it looked in a braid with all the colours intertwining into each other. I am still debating over the idea of going back to a concave bob for the summer months and even though my hair grows pretty quickly I just don’t know if im ready for the big chop just yet.  All I know is that I have destroyed my hair enough as it is so perhaps leaving it be for a while might be a wise decision for the time being. 

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Day 70

Friday lunchtime I felt like treating myself at one of my favourite shopping Centres in the West End.  I do love checking out the new selections of products they are always displaying in the food hall and as a blogger I think its important to try as many of these as you possibly can.  Two products that stood out for me today were some deliciously good chocolate coconut milk from Rebel Kitchen.  Made with coconut milk and cocoa there is no refined sugars or nasty preservatives and its all 100% dairy free.  The other were some scrummy apple crisps from Emily fruit crisps. Their apples are carefully selected for their taste and texture to make sure they have the perfect crunch. There is also nothing gone to waste so the skin, the pips and everything is thrown in there! You wont find any preservatives, additives, e numbers and all are gluten-free. 

Who says eating healthy is dull and boring?!

You can grab some of these new products at – 

Emily fruit crisps – Selfridges

Rebel Kitchen – Selfridges, Daylesford and Fortnum & Mason



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Day 71

HOLI colour festival being held at Olympic Park over in Stratford took place over the weekend which I attended on the Saturday. I had heard how much fun it was last year at Battersea Power station by a number of people so was very keen to check out. For those of you that aren’t aware it, Holi (English pronunciation: /ˈhl/) is a spring festival also known as the festival of colours or the festival of love. It is an ancient Hindu religious festival which has recently become popular all over the world.  Of course much to my dismay the rain decided to show its face like it normally does for every outdoor festival that I attend but I had to build that bridge and get over it as there wasnt a whole lot I could do about it.  The lineup to get in was as long as a football field which didn’t overly impress me. Waiting in queues has never really been my thing. Perhaps I have just been too spoilt with living in smaller populations but once we were eventually inside and I could hear the powerful bass calling me and I soon had forgotten all about it. 

I’m not sure what I was expecting,  maybe paint droplets being shot out from every direction but all we were given (which we did have to purchase with tokens) was different colours of HOLI dust.  Every hour the crowd was told there was a countdown and everyone had to throw these bags of dust in the air which would end up covering us all from head to toe in colours of the rainbow. No word of a lie it was a little crazy when the first colour burst went off and I struggled to breath for a few seconds, followed by a huge dust cloud and even managing to get some in my mouth – yummy! 

If I had to sum it up I would say that I did have a pretty good time although disappointed with the massive lines to the toilets (that were extremely dirty) and the waiting time to get a drink at the bar which I never really have ever had a problem with at a festival. I would say it is a must to go for the experience. Certainly one more thing I can tick off my ever-growing list!


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Day 72

Wonderful afternoon venturing out to Balham in South London for a long overdue catch up with a Welsh friend of mine.  Sunday is the best day for a late brunch with a good group of friends and is one of my favourite meals of the day (after dessert).  We met up at a very popular kiwi cafe called M1lk which when I arrived had a line of people eager to get in there. As previously stated I am not one for waiting in long lines however I make an exception when it comes to food and thus also being a good sign that it is a great place to eat at. I wont give away too much more so you will have to read my next blog review on this place to find out if the food did live up to its reputation. 

If you are into your vintage cafes then you must check out this cosy and quirky cafe called Lavish Habit.  We stopped by afterwards to have some tea and this place is one you should definitely visit if you are in the area. Selling all types of fabulous preloved goods and a few other retro things they also serve breakfast, lunch and a wonderful sweet selection plus coffee from Monmouth.  

I even managed to be able to spell my name – can you find in the picture below? 🙂 


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