100 Happy days

Day 53

This may not be a photo I have taken myself but I couldn’t help but share this precious pic of my best friends little boy, Koa. Only a few weeks old, its times like these that I wish I wasnt so far so I could just have a cuddle. I think most people  who know me know im not quite at that ‘maternal motherly’ stage of my life but my heart just melted when I saw this. So proud of you Rach, I know you are going to be an amazing Mummy and I really cant wait to meet him! 





Day 54

Butterfly tickets purchased for Fridays day out in London with my dear friend visiting from Sydney. Its been a while since I have paid a visit to any museum in London and every now and again I like to get my culture fix. After all its about experiencing all that this incredible city has to offer….





Day 55

If there is one thing I really do miss about Australia, is the Sushi is top-notch. Whether it’s because they are so close to Asia with a heavy influence or they use decent quality ingredients; either way it’s always made fresh at room temperature which is one thing I have noticed London seems to lack in.  Until I found this place in my neck of the woods.  Feng Sushi in Chelsea, located on Fulham Road and other locations around London, is a UK-based restaurant chain known for advocating sustainable fish farming. In the below picture is my favourite Salmon and avocado roll with a hint of chilli flakes and some insanely delicious duck pancakes. The added bonus about this place is they also offer brown rice on their menu. If you are a sushi fan then you could go to Nobu, Roka or Zuma which I do recommend all three however if you are on a budget then this place is one you must hit up. 




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Day 56

If there is one thing I can say , is that my friends are such generous people and I am really lucky to have them in my life. Of course we all love to receive a nice gift and what a nice surprise it was when my wonderful friend arrived at my place greeting me with some yummy Austrian chocolates and a bottle of a girls favourite bubbles – Verve Clicquot and in a fabulous bag might I add! Thank you Nat, was not expected and made my day. 





Day 57

Beautiful, sunny afternoon in London checking out some sensational butterflies at the Natural History museum.  Hundreds and hundreds of butterflies were flying around my head and I couldn’t help but imagine how epic this would have been if I had come as a child on a school excursion. Lots of little interesting facts to learn about in a lovely greenhouse surrounded by lush gardens. I secretly wish that this was my backyard! We then went on to check out the V & A (Victoria and Albert Museum) which is worth a visit as they always have a lot going on, on top of all the normal historic displays. From there we ended up in Harrods which although is way out of my price range for obvious reasons, it’s still a great place to check out and dream away as I like to say…..

There is no better way to finish the day enjoying some British afternoon tea of scones and cakes with a nice cup of tea and a sneaky glass of bubbles. #lovinglife



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Day 58

The Shard, also referred to as the Shard of Glass, is an 87-storey impressive skyscraper located in London Bridge, in the heart of the city. You can not make a visit to this area without stopping by to check out some fenominal views of the bright lights and beyond. Whether it be from the viewing platform of level 69 or if you have a fear of heights you should be able to handle level 31-33 which consists of three restaurants. Aqua restaurant & bar which offers contemporary British food and some fabulous cocktails or Oblix and Hutong situated on the following levels. Please note that you do need to pay for level 69 and up. Costing around £24 for an adult I would seriously suggest sticking to the Aqua bar and enjoying a drink in warming surroundings. I also recommend you get there before sunset to grab a window seat but be warned this place is very popular and you may be waiting a little while to secure the best seat in the house. absolutely worth it, you can see from my picture below the views are breathtaking. I wonder what it would be like to wake up to this every day….. #keepdreaming 




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