100 Happy days is done!

Day 91

I can finally see that my seedlings are making progress and starting to sprout, happy days I say, happy days. I can assure you I am not the gardening pro but as ive gotten older im learning that it aint so bad having a few little herbs and some lovely little pot plants here and there. You really cant get any better than organic and fresh from your own garden. Hopefully in a few more weeks I will be able to put them to good use and include them in my cooking… or maybe not if I forget to water them in this heat.. opsie



Day 92

Today is the first time in about three months that ive been ‘raving’ as I like to call it. No I don’t mean going to a club and dancing to the break of dawn I mean a good Sunday session with your best mates down at a fine establishment in Clapham called Gigalum. This place has hosted a number of wicked DJ’s from across the globe and is the perfect place to kick of your Saturday eve or just having a couple of quiet ones on the outside terrace in the beating sun. Ben Gold who is a progressive trance DJ had me dancing up a storm for hours even though I could hardly stand being in the room from the sticky humidity. A really good crowd of people who are all there for one reason, the music of course. 



Day 93

My wonderful friend and Soprano singer Sera kindly invited me very last-minute to the dress rehearsal of Adriana Lacouvreur situated in the glamorous and ritzy area of Holland Park and an old neighbourhood of mine.  Undoubtably this park is my favourite place to picnic with friends, check out the Japanese garden or take a leisurely stroll through.  For the 13 months in which I lived close by, I had full intentions to go and check out the opera but always had something else booked in whether it was a holiday or I just missed the boat completely by forgetting. Having the opportunity to go to a dress rehearsal was a lot more than what I had bargained for and to tell the truth, something I had never experienced before. The Opera was all in Italian. Dramatic, poetic, intense, humourous and basically how all operas are supposed to be I guess. Either way It was a beautiful evening and for a Monday I really can’t ask for much more than that. 

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Day 94

No surprises here! You guessed it, my tickets for the Foodies festival at Battersea Park arrived today. Anything to do with food and you know I am your woman. This will be my second year in a row after they made a pretty good impression for me ,I had to go back for seconds. It’s the usual food stalls, wine and champagne bars , live cooking shows and mouth-watering street food. Be sure to look out for my post in the coming weeks to find out what treats I over indulged in.  



Day 95

Feeling super proud of myself today after helping out the less fortunate at the Walterton and Elgin food bank. Working for a company like PIMCO, (which if you are wondering is my current full-time job) they do an incredible amount of charity and volunteering work within the community, especially in the US. I actually hate to admit this but it is the first time I have ever volunteered to do something like this before. It doesn’t take much to occasionally block out some time from your diaries to do a small good deed which can really benefit others who have not had the best life or are struggling with day-to-day living.  It has opened my eyes and made me realise how lucky I am to live the life that I have and all that complaining about silly little things that I hear from people makes me wonder how they could ever cope if they found themselves in a situation like this.. just remember, there are others out there who have got it much worse off than you have. 



Day 96

I couldn’t go past this huge wall poster on Thursday night without taking a picture.  I am a bit of a fan of the legendary punk band, Blondie and lead singer Debbie Harry is just simply a rock goddess in my eyes. I bet you can’t guess which West End bar this was taken in? I will give you a hint. There is loads of cheesy ballads involved and unbearable singing… not that I am a pro at karaoke but for some reason after a few lemonades I tend to take over the microphone while belting out some ridiculous track from back in the 80’s. Yes I will admit it I am one of those. As I say, remember to leave that shame of yours at the door before entering. 

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Day 97

I really liked this Quote of the day. The top Two things that I find most people seem to struggle with these days – manners and respect. If you choose to not have that level of respect for yourself then you sure as hell are not going to have that towards others. As far as manners are concerned, simple things like saying please and thank you and holding a door open seem to be a hard task for the minority.  Take me back to the good old days where im certain none of this behaviour would have occurred unless you enjoy seeing the sight of the wooden spoon.  As a kid growing up I was disciplined and my parents were fairly strict but also very reasonable and for that I thank them for teaching me some of the best values in life that money it seems, simply cannot buy. 



Day 98

Hanging on the high roof tops in Putney with these lovely bunch of people is definitely a winner on a hot Saturday afternoon. Since I have moved to London I have been extremely lucky and blessed with the people who I have met and who have entered into my life have been so wonderful, caring and unbelievably fun to be around. Finding a good mix of people who all share common interests and seem to get along so well without causing drama is very hard to find in such a populated and transit city.  I couldn’t believe just how scorching hot the day turned out to be and with the BBQ sizzling away and my bare legs in the sun I almost felt like I was back on the Gold Coast…almost!



Day 99

Up for an early brisk walk I stumbled across another market in the area of SW6. Parsons Green Farmers Markets on the New Kings Road are open every Sunday and have a decent selection of stalls with all the freshest produce, seafood and meat. I do love a good market on the weekend and always so much cheaper and far nicer option than the supermarket. 



Day 100!! 


I cant believe this is my last day of the challenge – where have all those weeks gone?! Being Happy for 100 consecutive days in a row has taught my a couple of things –  

A. Appreciate all you have and never take your life for granted. You only have one chance so make the most    of it.

B. You don’t need to take a picture everyday to prove you are a happy person. Doing this challenge was easy    for me. Maybe slightly time-consuming because I was blogging about it but generally speaking I consider    myself as a positive,energetic and free-spirited person who has a passion for life. 

C. Be real. Trust your gut instincts and always believe in yourself. 


For those of you who are willing to participate in this challenge, good luck and hopefully I have now inspired some of you to give it a go!

Stay happy xx

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